Why do the timeframes of people vary so much?

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Why do the timeframes of people vary so much?

#1 Post by Maria83 »

Actually the question is not as stupid as it seems (although it probably is still stupid :D ). While checking the stories in the forum I notices that for problems that at least appear to be easier to correct, the orthodontists give a timeframe equal or even longer to those problems that seem more complex. Why is that really?

I was gine a timeframe of 15-16 months which means that I should be taking off my braces just in time for my wedding? Does this sound unachievable? I am NOT getting married in braces.

Thanks for the support!

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#2 Post by Andromeda »

I was originally told about 18 months, then I moved and had to find a new ortho after 5 months of treatment. The new ortho said I had about 7 or 8 months left which would have been a total of about 13 months at most instead of the 18 originally stated. Now I am set for debonding in June which puts my real treatment time at 15 months. So shorter than my first ortho though but longer by a few months than what my new ortho thought, and he was the one finishing the treatment....

It's definitely possible for you to finish on time or a little early but it's also possible for you to be a few months extended. Some people say they are debonded early because they listened to their ortho with all the instructions, but I was really cooperative with everything my ortho told me to do, and wore the elastics really well just like my ortho said, but I still got extended with my debonding date. I don't really know why and it has been frustrating. My teeth still look no where near how I want them to on my right side especially, so I am hoping they are fixed by next month because I REALLY don't want another extension.

How long have you had them for, and how much longer after the 16 months estimated treatment time is your wedding? Hopefully at least a couple months just in case, as it is more common to go longer than shorter or being right on time, from what I've read on here as well as talking to a lot of people I know who had braces.

I never thought I'd be one of those who went longer just because I wasn't that bad to start off and I was really compliant and willing to do just about anything to get them off asap but sometimes its out of our control...

Good luck!

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#3 Post by Maria83 »

Now I 'm stressed :( Actually the wedding will be one week after the completion of 16 months and we can't re-schedule because many of our beloved, and especially my sister who stusies abroad, will not be able to attend as easily (it's on the beggining of September, when everyone will be still in our town for the summer vacations). I really don't like having to schedule my life around my braces :evil: Perhaps I can control it better with more frequent appointments? I am supposed to be having one every four weeks.

I have only put them on on April 30th and I became really whiny since. I appreciate your help very much Andromeda, I think I ''ll go whine to my ortho instead :) I hope soon you will have a free and perfect smile!

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#4 Post by Megan11 »

You may want to consider asking to have your top 6 brackets and wire removed the day before the wedding. There have been several posts on this website regarding temporarily removing braces.

I wanted my braces off at exactly 12 months and was told that, that was a possibility, but turns out I will need them an additional 3 months. So much for wishful thinking...

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#5 Post by Maria83 »

That's a good tip. If I have not finished treatment by then, I will ask for them to be removed completely for two days and then re-fitted. It may cost in terms of money and time but this is a day I do not wish to be self conscious. I will call my ortho on Monday to advice and see. Thanks Megan :) I hope you are released soon!

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#6 Post by sarpe09 »

i had an ortho tell me 6-9 months. i didn't like that answer and went to another one. he said, "easy, 4 months." so, i went with him.

my teeth aren't that bad - and aren't overcrowded with he said is usually the big issue with people.

funny though. i'm glad i looked around - it saved me a few months.

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