Patient consent form... routine?

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Patient consent form... routine?

#1 Post by evelinany »

My ortho had me sign a patient consent form when I got my braces. It listed all the problems I might encounter as a result of braces... like cavities, root shortening and bone loss among other things. I was concerned about the bone loss part since I already have more than a person my age should have - my ortho just said to keep my teeth clean and it should be fine.
But now I am kinda anxious about it -- i you have to sign anything like this?
Did you experience more dental problems as a result of braces?

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#2 Post by rolo »

Yes this sounds normal to me, in an increasing litigious culture, I have to get a consent form to measure someone's blood pressure, or prick finger to test for blood sugar or cholesterol. If I give a patient paracetamol, (aminocetaphen in US?) I have to give a leaflet with all the possible negative consequences. My understanding is such problems are rare.

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#3 Post by junkee »

The consent form is standard for pretty much any type of medical treatment including dental. Although,for most people its treatment as usual, there are rare times a patient doesn't respond in the typical way and the form warns the patient of that and also protects the orthodontist of being sued for unexpected results.

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#4 Post by chicago29 »

Completely normal...I believe every Orthodontist does this. In fact, I noticed on the form I signed that it had some official logo on it. I think it was from the American Association of Orthodontics or something. Many Orthodontists likely use this same form. There isn't anything specifically scary on the form...I think it is more of a reminder that there is no guarantee with this stuff. 99% of patients get great results with no complications, but as with anything you do there are risks and any good practitioner should inform you of those prior to starting treatment.

If you have specific concerns about bone loss, you may want to consult with a periodontist just to get their opinion. They aren't going to tell you to not proceed or anything, but they may have some thoughts for you to keep an eye on, etc.

As for root resorption, this unfortunately goes with the territory. From the research I've done, nobody knows when it will happen or why it happens when it does. And even if it does, there is little evidence that it is harmful unless it is extremely severe.

Good Luck, but be at ease that the consent form is totally normal.




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#5 Post by evelinany »

I went to a periodontist prior to treatment to get the ok to get braces an they just told me I can get braces not a problem.. I just idnt realize that having braces itself may cause more bone loss.
Hopefully everything will be smooth =)

Miss Smiley
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#6 Post by Miss Smiley »

Totally normal, I had to sign a waiver just to get a cleaning for the possibility of tooth loss, and infections. At my office we have waiver for general anesthesia and the possibility of death and what not. Not that it happens, but not every one person reacts the same to any type of treatment.
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#7 Post by pegasus2425 »

Your Ortho knows about your bone loss already and he or she will be diligent in checking to make sure you're not having any more issues. The consent form is totally normal, it's just like with surgery, you have to be made aware of "all possible" side effects. I wouldn't worry about it, but talk to your ortho and see what the probabilities are for you specifically.

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#8 Post by saycheeese »

Yep I had to sign exactly the same thing, don't worry about it.
It was kind of concerning reading about problems that can occur with braces, but they appear to be pretty rare.

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#9 Post by bb »

In Canada I believe that a waiver carries little weight in the court of law. Sign it but know that you may indeed have recourse should anything go wrong.
p.s. I'm not a lawyer

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