Yowzer cold things HURT that tooth!!!!

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Rachel B
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Yowzer cold things HURT that tooth!!!!

#1 Post by Rachel B »

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else had random tooth sensitivity?
Over the last 2 days my right canine has developed a severe reaction to cold. When I swish mouthwash and it's cold, a severe pain shoots up my tooth and fills my entire mouth. It's major pain.
I've found that if I put warm water in with it it's fine.
I'm not worried or anything because I'm sure it's all part and parcel of movement and stuff but it's so weird that it's just one tooth.

Ice runner
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#2 Post by Ice runner »

Hey there,

I have the same problem. It is because your gums are sensitive because of all that moving and if your random tooth is moving that is an extra reason.
In drugstore I bought something for keeping gums healthy. I dont know how you name that "poison" in your country. Just go there and tell them what you need and they will help you. And your gums wont be senstitive any more.

Wish you all the best

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#3 Post by blindboarder2008 »

after my 6th adjusment (which was this past December) i had random tooth sensitivity in one of my bottom left teeth. It was weird. It wasn't really painful when i wasn't doing anything but when i went and tried chewing on that side with the tooth or brushed my teeth on that side it really really stung! I was a bit worried about it but then it went away after a few days although is still called the ortho to question just to make sure nothing was wrong. Everything was fine, It was just because that tooth was on the move and so that is why it was overly sensitive.
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