Please give me your opinion! (911)

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Please give me your opinion! (911)

#1 Post by Tina2009 »

Dear all,

I just got my braces for a week. Before I decided to work with this orthodontic office (Dr. B), I compared with a few other doctors I only like to work either Dr. A and Dr. B.

I chose Dr. B because the staffs very nice and friendly; however it costs $1,500 more than Dr. A. I didn't like Dr.A's staff, I like Dr. A but not his staffs. In addition, I thought if I paid more, I would get better services.

Dr. B's staffs are very nice to me; however, the orthodontic assistants put braces on for my teeth, Dr. B didn't put braces on for me (I assumed that he would do that, not his assistant). When I talked to the coordinator treatment, I asked her "will Dr. put braces for me" she told me "yes, doctor will work with you". I didn't even questioning myself about her answer because I kept assuming that doctor would do it. Sad! Sad! Sad!

I am now very disappointed b/c Dr. B just stop by to take a quick look at my teeth for like 1 minute and tell his assistant "that looks good", and that's it.

I want to withdrawn from this office, but I don't know how. I already paid more than half of the total payment. I want to talk with the treatment coordinator about my thought really bad, but I don't know if I should. Because when I look around the office, the other orthodontic assistants also work with other patients, not just me alone. Urgghh!

What should I do? Did anybody else had the orthodontic assistant put braces on for you? I really feel bad that I didn't choose Dr. A. I prefer doctor work with my teeth than his assistant, especially I even paid a lot more for the Dr. B. Urgghh!!!

Please say something to make me feel better. I spent a lot of time to make the decision, but I made the wrong decision. I want to cry!!!

Can anybody help???

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#2 Post by classII »

Very normal and common. Putting the brackets on is very straight forward anyone trained in doing it can do. They use a measuring tool to center (or if necessary off-center) the placement of the brackets. For the wires, even simpler for the technicians. The doctor does come around, review, make notations in your chart. Each visit he prepares your chart in advance (or at the end of your visit), looks at your teeth sees how much movement, rights down in the chart to use a b or c wire next visit, then next visit technican looks in the chart and just puts on that wire.

Nothing to worry about.

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#3 Post by UGHBRACES »

My ortho came up with the most beneficial treatment plan based on my x-rays and molds. His assistants do all the hands on work, he just checks it over. I don't see any problem with that though, i haven't have any issues.

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#4 Post by UGHBRACES »

Just wondering what makes you think Dr. A would have done the work hands on? I think it pretty standard the service you are getting right now, have you had any issues or anything to make you this worried?

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#5 Post by changes09 »

The assistant put on my braces as well. They also took the x'rays, molds took the pictures. If the assistants are busy or he is short staffed then the dentist comes out and does the work. Thats what assistants are there for. Dont worry things will be good for you.

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#6 Post by Tina2009 »

Thank you all. I feel better now.


I called Dr. A office and they said Dr. A would do it. Also, I asked several people, they said doctors did hand work on their teeth. Not the assistants.



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#7 Post by bbsadmin »

It's very common for the assistants to do the work. The assistants don't make the treatment decisions. They just do what the orthodontist says. At most adjustment appointments, the orthodontist comes over, tells the assistant what he wants, and the assistant does the work. Then the ortho comes back over to see that it was done properly.

Some orthodontists put the brackets on the teeth themselves and some do not. It depends on the orthodontist's practice, staff, and personal preferences.
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#8 Post by rolo »

Okay so it's common for assistants to put braces on in the USA, and they are trained to do a good job, but it was wrong for them to tell you the ortho was putting the braces when this was not the case.

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#9 Post by SharMarali »

What you're describing is actually pretty standard. My orthodontist looks at my teeth when I arrive to see what's shifted and what hasn't, decides on a course of action, tells his assistants exactly what he wants done, they take care of it, then he comes back when they're done and checks to make sure A) That his instructions were understood and carried out correctly, and B) That he's happy with what he decided to do after seeing it. One time he did change his mind after seeing what the final product looked like, so it's good that he checks both before and after.

Basically, the orthodontist is the one with the training to decide on the best treatment plan, and the assistants have plenty of training to be able to handle "Do this" instructions. You're paying your ortho to do the thinking and his assistants to do the hands-on work. The ortho oversees the process. In this way, they can treat more patients and get people in and out quickly on everyone's tight schedules. It's really not that different from how a doctor will order blood tests and a phelbotomist (which I probably misspelled) actually draws the blood, or how an architect designs a building and a team of workers actually assemble it.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's good that you went with an orthodontist whose staff you liked, since you interact with them a lot as you've seen!

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#10 Post by switchblades »

I think in Canada it is illegal for an assistant to do the hands-on for ortho...I've never heard of anyone here having an assistant do the work anyway, and I think there's actually legistlation about just that. My dentist who is doing my braces, and my ortho who did them the first time, do all the work. The assistants just stand there and hold things, do some of the curing for the glue, etc.
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#11 Post by Jewles »

Im in Australia and the ortho did all the work on me himself, all his assistant did was hand him the required tools! I dont think i would be too happy spending $6k on an orthodontist only to be treated by an assistant who gets paid $15 an hour. It does seem very common in america tho so maybe just ask about it and ensure it wont effect your treatment in anyway

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#12 Post by kirjax »

My ortho put on my braces but there were times I went in for an adjustment and never saw her. Other times she came in for 2 sec. - don't worry cause my teeth are perfect the techs/assistants know what they're doing!


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#13 Post by Bubbz »

My treatment was the same as well. My ortho did the consultation and when I came back the assistants put the braces and bands on. The ortho always comes in and checks to make sure the braces are on straight and double checks everything and a few times he's come in and actually adjusted the positioning of one of my brackets which made me feel better, but that's about all. He also comes in and checks my teeth whenever I come in for an adjustment. I've had my braces on for 4 months now and I couldn't be happier with the staff. He also personally called me the night after I first got my braces put on to see how I was doing which I thought was amazing and uncommon for a doctor to do, and I really appreciated it.
So I would say no worries!

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#14 Post by Yolanda »

I had an assistant put my brackets on and then the ortho cam over and did some minor touches before they did the light to fix the glue in place.

Most of my adjustments are done by assistants and he comes and checks before i leave or when i get in to tell them what wire or what not.
The Ortho put the TAD's in however. Thank goodness lol.

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#15 Post by beachmommy »

My ortho put on my brackets initially, and his assistant put on the wires, chains, etc. He plans it all out and gives them instructions.

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