Why do Elastics have animals/animal names on the bags?

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#16 Post by Volare »

I have two Impalas and a Bear.

Impalas are fast!
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#17 Post by EmbraceMe »

I don't know why, but this thread cracks me up :biglaf:

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#18 Post by kirjax »

oh yes! I wore Gorilla's for the most part. They were smaller and more elastic/stretchy then I went on to a Tourtoise which were thicker and heavier - these were used to close my bite. Cute little bagged animals I'm going to miss u (well I am sure for months I'll still be finding them in the oddest places that I know I didn't put them there lol)!!


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#19 Post by PfectPitch »

I joked with my othodontist that the animal on the bag indicates what they will taste like. So far I've had mostly Moose with some Fox thrown in. Looking forward to being done with animals in my mouth soon.

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#20 Post by MissKitten »

I had Ferrets :D They were pretty thick and hard to move when I had my mouth completely rubber-banded shut.

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#21 Post by MetalGerald »

As of yesterday, I'm in Chimpanzees. And I sure do hate them.

My first day in elastics was worse than my first day in braces, by a large margin. It was also my first day in powerchains. I thought the chains might be a source of much of the discomfort, but when I took the elastics off to eat it felt SO much better.

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#22 Post by jenny101101 »

I'm wearing Moose elastics, night time only.

I, too, like MetalGerald got my first powerchain the same day. Even though I only have to wear my elastics at night, they're really tight and I can't open my mouth so I wake up from my jaw aching from be "clenched" so tight together. It's been less then a week so I have yet to find out if they're working. *Fingers crossed* they work or I'm getting sleep deprived for nothing :? .
Keep smilin'! :)

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#23 Post by naturegirl »

I was already wearing powerchains on top and bottom when I got my first elastics. I only have to wear them at night, but MAN! that first night with the elastics on was horrible! I felt like my teeth were throbbing and ended up taking them off in the middle of the night that night because I just couldn't take it. It's much better now, though I still look forward to taking them off when I wake up. :)

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#24 Post by acd »

For what its worth I found that it was a lot easier to get used to elastics when I wore them full time. Since June all of my elastics have been full time or as much as possible (which I have worn full time). It usually took a day or two for the soreness to go away but when I got part time elastics last month it took a lot longer--like weeks instead of days.

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new bag of elastics

#25 Post by sdawdy »

I had an adjustment today....i was wearing Fred's to work on my mid-line...however today, i got a heavier elastic to wear...its name is (i kid you not)


I think i might have to take a picture of the bag on this one

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#26 Post by Megan11 »

hahahah Bummer, thats classic. I'm hoping I don't have to wear elastics :shock:

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#27 Post by tinnygrinny »

I've got Walrus's! It's only been 48 hours in braces and my jaw still isn't a fan on theses babies yet. I'm thinking the walrus indicates a larger, not so stretchy elastic, considering I can barely open my mouth with them!

Elastics = :ouch:

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#28 Post by Megan11 »


This thread was fun so I'm bringing it back :D

My wishful thinking is over, I got elastics today.

I have Rams, as well as full powerchains on every tooth! Owie tonight shall not be fun...

I wonder if Rams are strong or not... I guess I'll find out :x

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#29 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

TigerLily wrote:You dont want my elastics though. I have to wear two rams on either side as well as a kangaroo on each side. At night I have to put a penguin on in a way which means I can't open my mouth.
LOL! This description cracks me up!!! I mean, just read it..as if you have no idea what's being discussed and it's pretty funny.

However, I'm sorry it's so painful and I'll be joining you elastic wearers sometime in the near future...so, I'm not getting off scott-free, either. :(


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#30 Post by melbraced »

Thanks for bumping this thread - too funny! :lol:
Right now I'm dealing with three Toucans on each side of my mouth and I'm not liking it!! :roll:
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