What was the bigggest mistake you made in treatment?

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Jenn S
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What was the bigggest mistake you made in treatment?

#1 Post by Jenn S »

So far, I have made two.
I have had the flu and been in bed all weekend.

Good new, it gave me an opportunity to catch up on this site and all the great information you have all contibuted!

Bad news, I have made two big mistakes.

1. I did not get a second opinion. I am too trusting I guess.
2. I paid in full, in advance.

What mistakes have you made, that all the newly braced might learn from?
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#2 Post by shoshiaf »

Hmmm...I don't see how paying in full is a mistake. Care to elaborate? My ortho gave me a 20% discount for paying in full at the beginning of treatment.

Anyway, my biggest mistake: not wearing my elastics all the time! I took a cruise to the Caribbean over Christmas and I hardly wore my elastics at all the entire time. I'm afraid it's set me back in treatment. I only have myself to blame. Lessons learned!

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#3 Post by switchblades »

So far, I'm doing okay, I'm pretty pleased with how things are going, but if I had one big regret it's not negotiating more for my payment plan. Right now, I have 50% coverage up to $1500 from Blue Cross, whih means I pay $125 a month and Blue Cross picks up the same amount. My down payment was $500 from me and $500 from them, and when my coverage is up, my payments will be $250 a month. I recently realized that even if I can get a decent full-time job (I just finished university), I won't be able to afford that, $350 a month for my half of the rent, student loan payments (which start in July and will be about $350/month), and will likely have to move out of the apartment I love and back in with my parents, adding a 2-hour commute each way to my daily routine.

I do, however, intend to put my entire income tax return onto my ortho bill, which should be about $2500. That, combined with what I've already paid, will mean that my braces are almost entirely paid off, with the exception of a few hundred dollars.
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#4 Post by Lily »

My biggest mistake? Not doing it sooner!

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#5 Post by cbean »

Going to the first ortho I met with. Huge mistake. After the convincing sales pitch of "a family practice" I learned they were an assembly line of braces offering no speicialized or individual treatment. Spent $2k to learn this lesson.

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#6 Post by theKurp »

If you're in the U.S., paying in full can have tax advantages if it puts you at or over the 7.5% of adjusted gross income in medical expenses.

Ice runner
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#7 Post by Ice runner »

Lily wrote:My biggest mistake? Not doing it sooner!
X2 Totally agree!

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#8 Post by kvs2800 »

I'm still very knew for my 2x around but I've learned a few things already.

I really wish I would have done more financial planning earlier so that I would have enrolled in my company's FSA healthcare. I could have saved quite a bit on taxes if I would have known early enough that I would have such medical expenses. Oh well, lesson learned and next year I'll know to add the FSA during my company's open enrollment.

This one I learned from my 1st time in treatment, don't always blindly accept what the ortho says but, do abide by their recommendations for your treatment and don't lie to them. I was a stubborn teen before and probably thought I knew more than the orthodontist (oh to be that age again). I figured if I didn't understand why they told me to do something, it didn't make sense to follow it. Big mistake. On top of that, I'd lie and say I wore the elastics religiously (they always know you're lying).

But lessons learned and so far, this time around has been much more successful. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I've found that asking makes me understand my treatment much better and encourages me to do the right things so I see results.

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#9 Post by changes09 »

This is also my second time around and one of my biggest mistakes from the first time is not wearing my retainer. But then again, my retainer would not have erased the need for surgery. So please everyone please. please, PLEASE wear your retainer. And if you think you can't. If your forgetfull like me, or stubborn like me opt for perminent retainers. It may be hard to floss but its worth it. Don't throw all that money time an dhard work down the drain.

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#10 Post by KLC »

1) I have to agree with those who said not doing it sooner. If I had just started when I first started thinking about it, I'd be done by now :cry:

2) Not going to the dentist. Went this morning, about 4 months past due (used the braces as an excuse). Only one cavity but it's possible it could have been prevented if I had gone when I was scheduled to.

Overall, don't let the mistakes keep people from going forward with getting braces! My dentist thanked me this morning for doing it!!

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Jenn S
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#11 Post by Jenn S »

Wow- terrific advice from all of you!
Thank you- I appreciate your time and knowledge.
I am so thankful for this board. :D
Braced: 12-17-08 8:30am (PST)
2 Extractions 07-21-09 *****
Treatment for: Overbite, lower overcrowding.

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#12 Post by isobelleo »

I paid in full up front, too. ...Is this a bad idea?


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#13 Post by Audra »

I also paid up front, and I'm not worried about it at all.


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#14 Post by kirjax »

Lily wrote:My biggest mistake? Not doing it sooner!
LOL same here!

If I did perhaps I wouldn't have had to pay for them all on my own!


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#15 Post by bb »

My regret is- not getting a second opinion.

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