QUESTION - Braces WITH Wisdom Teeth in??

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QUESTION - Braces WITH Wisdom Teeth in??

#1 Post by Blake24 »

I am getting my braces (Damon 3's) on Monday, February 2nd, and I have all 4 of my Wisdom teeth fully in. My Ortho said that they have come in relatively straight and that there is enough room in my jaw so I don't need them extracted. My question is: has anyone had braces with their Wisdom teeth fully in? If so, do they put brackets on them? It seems that they are soo far back in the mouth that they would leave them alone without putting brackets on.

- Blake24

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#2 Post by socksy »

I had my wisdom teeth extracted, but I don't have brackets on my last molars. I think I've heard this is typical and that generally brackets are placed on those last molars late in treatment when all the other teeth are in the proper place. So I would imagine that your ortho will leave your wisdom teeth off the wire at the beginning.

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#3 Post by Blake24 »

Thanks for the info socksy.

I started to question this when I went in for my molds and the RDA didn't have a tray that was long enough to get to my Wisdom teeth. She actually had to take dental wax and extend the tray in order to get my Wisdom teeth in the mold. I started thinking "well, maybe they don't put brackets on Wisdom teeth considering how far back they are located in the jaw." It would make sense that the Ortho wouldn't brace the teeth until later in the treatment, after some of the front teeth move around a bit.

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#4 Post by Shutter »

I still have all four of my wisdom teeth.

My ortho said that 3 of them were already in good alignment and would not have to be touched. The 4th wisdom tooth (lower right) is a bit rotated.

When I was initially braced, my ortho put a bracket on the crooked wisdom tooth, but she did not run the wire to the bracket. The bracket was way in the back and rubbed terribly on my cheek.

After a week, I had a huge canker sore where the bracket was rubbing. I went back to my ortho - she took a look and decided to remove the bracket. She said that we could add that wisdom tooth into the arch at the very end of my treatment plan, so that I didn't have to endure a rubbing bracket through my entire treatment.



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#5 Post by Blake24 »

Thanks for the info Shutter. I was checking out your story and your Wisdom teeth look nearly identical to mine. Even the rotation of the one is similar to a rotation that I have. I can imagine that a bracket that far back is irritating, considering I irritate my mouth when I brush too hard on the Wisdom teeth. I guess I will find out what the Ortho says.


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#6 Post by lifeisgood »

I had all my wisdom teeth extracted prior to the placing of braces. The top ones were partially erupted and the bottoms were impacted, growing in perpendicular to the second molars (would not have been good to keep them in!) The molars your ortho will bracket depends on your specific case. For some, bracketing the first molars will suffice. In my case, the second molars were bracketed but not put into the wire initially - they will join the wire at a later time.

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#7 Post by thisisme »

I get my braces in a few days and I have all four of my wisdom teeth (only one has started to come through).
At some point before the end of treatment, I will need them all removed.

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#8 Post by xzjn9p »

I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth 'in'. Anytime a dental professional sees my my mouth they all say (1) wow you don't see that everyday and (2) i bet every dentist says that.

I'm getting braced next week and none of the 3 consultations i had indicated that they need to be removed. I guess if you have room, its ok.

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#9 Post by Stich »

I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth and was in braces for 18 months. My ortho needed a strong anchor to help correct my overbite so he did bracket my top wisdom teeth. The bottoms he did not bracket. The assistants always seemed to have trouble getting the wire all the way back to those teeth...and always commented on how few people have all their wisdom teeth. I had a lot of trouble with the brackets rubbing back there, and used wax for my whole treatment. I can't say enough on the benefits of wax.


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#10 Post by Ice runner »

I have all my wisdom teeth, and my treatment goes well. Wisdom teeth are not in bracket. So dont worry, ortho know what he is doing.

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#11 Post by NYG2007 »

I have all four wisdom teeth. At the start of treatment it seemed okay... Now almost 6 months in the back molars are straight and in line. The four wisdom teeth look like they don't belong with the rest of the teeth. The last time I went he asked, "What are we going to do with those wisdom teeth." He hasn't said anything about it since.
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#12 Post by switchblades »

I had my wisdom teeth out AFTER I was braced the first time. Just make sure you keep an eye on your teeth, because you won't be able to wear retainers comfortably for a while after the extractions (if you're getting them).
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#13 Post by Andromeda »

I have all of my wisdom teeth and am almost done with my braces treatment. I had to have a couple of bicuspids removed to make room in my mouth, but I thought it was interesting that they didn't choose the wisdom teeth instead. My bottom wisdom teeth are all the way in and are braced along with all the rest. My top wisdom teeth are only partially in and I am almost 24 so who knows if they'll ever be in the whole way. They of course did not put brackets on the top wisdom teeth as there's not enough tooth to get a bracket onto. My wisdom teeth have never bothered me at all so I don't plan on getting them out unless they ever start hurting. They said as long as I wear my retainer, those partially in wisdoms shouldn't affect anything.

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#14 Post by TigerLily »

I have my wisdoms braced.

I had assumed pretreatment that I would have to have them out as years ago a dentist told me I did not have enough room in my mouth for them. However, my ortho said they were there now and there was enough room to move my (slanted) teeth without any extractions and all my teeth were healthy.

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#15 Post by Blake24 »

It seems that the results are mixed here. I am assuming that because my Wisdom teeth are pretty much straight as it is then the Ortho will not place brackets on them. My Wisdom teeth already rub pretty hard against my cheeks, so I am pretty sure brackets would tear them up. I guess I will find out on Monday...wish me luck!


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