I've been braced

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I've been braced

#1 Post by radkitty »

I am now officially a member of the club. I got my braces (metal upper and lower) at 10:00 this morning. So far, no pain, other than major lip irritation from the bottom, front brackets.

I am also wearing the rubber bands (from upper molars towards the front on the bottom).

She only banded the top molars as she could not get the spacers on one side of my lower molars last week. She decided not to band the other molar due to some minor gum recession.

I just ate lunch out with a group of co-workers and I am utterly disgusted with what I found in my braces after eating. I don't remember having this issue back when I had braces as a preteen (maybe I just didn't care then)? I hope I can "learn" to eat without getting so much trapped in there!

So here's to Day #1 of my approx. 1 1/2 year journey!

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#2 Post by artprincess »

Congrats! I am having to get rebraced as well after having them in my teens. ( Hopefully they will be my Christmas present from my husband! ) :lol: I'd love to hear about how you are doing and wish you well on your second journey! :)

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#3 Post by PuppySmiles »

Hi Radkitty, and welcome!
I'm finding that there's not much I can do about getting stuff stuck in the braces when eating. All I can do is excuse myself to the bathroom and get that food the heck out of there before enjoying a long and interesting conversation where I smile and laugh with my dinner companions.


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Thanks everyone!

#4 Post by radkitty »

Well I have gone from no pain - to pain!!!! My cheeks and lip are killing me. The inside of my bottom lip is torn up as well as the upper part of one of my cheeks. Ouch! I am using the wax and salt water rinses - I guess this is all I can do at this point.

Another question - do you take your elastics out when you eat?

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