I will be debonded:

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I will be debonded:

#1 Post by PARR »

Tues Dec 23 at 2pm. My Hawleys will be waiting for me. I've got some real mixed emotions right now. This has been such a great journey. Guess I just have to get there and keep moving forward.

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#2 Post by switchblades »

Congrats! Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!
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#3 Post by lovelyleo »

congrats...I bet your teeth and smile will look fantastic


Debrace DAY Monday June 14th!!!!
24-30 month estimated treatment time

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#4 Post by Lisa65 »

What a great Xmas present. I'm so glad your dedicated HG wear paid off.

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#5 Post by iBorg »

When I first read your title, I thought of a play on the Martin Luther King, Jr. speech......"I will be debonded. My teeth will be set free...."

Of which I can add, "I wish it were me."

I understand the mixed emotions. This has been a great experience that I hate to see end. I keep on being anxious to see what new things are going to happen next, what treatment milestone will be accomplished BUT I do long to floss without working around wires. Biting into apples....don't get me started.

Congrats and Happy New Smile Day.

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Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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#6 Post by Erikab1033 »

Oh congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will to in February!

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#7 Post by alex »

Congratulations! How long have you had them on? I"m getting debonded just three days before you on the 20th. It is perfect timing for the holidays!


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