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new in the club

#1 Post by sunny »

hi everyone,
tomorrow i'll have my braces put on. I'm so scared,
Could someone tell me what should i do once i got them on

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#2 Post by roost22 »

wait two years.
lower metal brackets 12/3/2008, upper red,white and blue system12/29/08 , tx 12-16 months Image

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#3 Post by sunny »

Meryaten wrote:Go about your normal life.

You should also have wax to hand, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Thanks for the advise

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#4 Post by Soworththeeffort »

Hi Sunny –

Please don’t be afraid – honestly, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s nothing painful about having the braces put on. They do prep your teeth with some stuff that tastes kind of bitter, but even that doesn’t last very long. The whole process takes about an hour, and pretty much all you have to do is keep your mouth open (really, I could have gotten a manicure at the same time!).

I do recommend picking up some Arnica today (Boiron makes little Arnica pellets – you can get it at Whole Foods or your local health food store). Arnica is a natural remedy that’s very effective in reducing swelling…I experienced a fair amount of swelling in the first few weeks – I’m guessing that was my body’s reaction to having all those little foreign bodies, a.k.a., brackets, in my mouth. The swelling also caused a lisp, but that went away within a few weeks.

I also had a hard time chewing for a few weeks…at the time, it felt like my mouth just didn’t fit together properly (that started within a few hours of being braced). In addition to Meryaten’s suggestion to use wax, I also suggest having the painkiller of your choice on hand to alleviate any discomfort.

My orthodontist’s office sent me a note a few days after my braces were put on to congratulate me on how well I’d done (as I said, all I did was keep my mouth open for an hour – they did all the work), but it was a really sweet gesture. If your orthodontist’s office doesn’t send you a note, let me tell you in advance – you got through it, and did a great job!

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#5 Post by Lisa65 »

You'll be fine. Like Meryaten said, have wax to hand in case any brackets or wires are rubbing your cheeks. Drink plenty of water to keep the inside of your mouth moist. Lay in a supply of soft food like pasta, and also some mild pain killers in case your teeth are sore for a few days. Also get into the habit of thorough brushing twice a day and maybe a fluoride mouthwash before bed.

Apart from that, just do what you were doing before. Life with braces is no different to life without :)

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#6 Post by sunny »

thank you very very much for the advices. Anyhow, I'm so nervous today, my appointament is arranged at 7.30 pm so the time is killing me.
Once more thank you both, and i let you know tomorrow If I'll pass the exam

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