feeling discouraged today

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feeling discouraged today

#1 Post by bracegirl77 »

I have had my braces on for about six months now and although I have seen some progress. It seems like it is taking this gap between my two front teeth forever to close up. I mean I know it's not going to happen overnight ,but I thought that I would have seen more progress than this. I have had powerchains on for the last few adjustments. Now my ortho wants to see me every two weeks to change my wires. These teeth are moving so slow besides the gap my bite is fine so I won't need the rubber bands. oh and I do have a mild overbite. My question is this could I be Possibly doing something wrong. Because I see everyone else progress and I wonder if I will ever get to that point. :cry:

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#2 Post by bracegirl77 »

Thanks for the encouragement Meryaten You always give the best advice. I want to post some pics but everytime I take them they don't turn out right.

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#3 Post by bracegirl77 »

Thanks will do. :)

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#4 Post by jjjmac »

Sorry you're feeling disappointed. I've seen some pictures and posts of "fast movers" here too and I know that can make it all the harder! I've only had mine on for about 2 months but I've seen really no movement at all except maybe a millimeter on one tooth but nothing with the rest.

It seems like most people do have a stage where the teeth don't really seem to move - maybe our stage of that is just closer to the beginning than the middle point.

Hang in there!
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#5 Post by iBorg »

I know exactly what you feel like.....If these will just move there, I'll be almost done." They'll move at their own pace. You'll accept you're that one person in the world where your teeth won't move and then one day you'll look in the mirror and the movement will be there. I agree with the suggestion to take a picture. Then ignore your space. Take another picture in a month and then compare your progress.

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#6 Post by bracegirl77 »

Thank you guys for all of your support . iBorg that's a good idea people have told me that they see the space closing up. But I guess because I see it everday I can't tell the difference. :roll: But I will take a pic and compare the change.

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#7 Post by blindboarder2008 »

another good idea for pictures that i've heard a few people do is gettting pictures from your dentist of when they initially took pics and then if they take pictures again then get those and compare them. I know for me, at my second cleaning apt my dentist took pictures of my teeth to send to the ortho doc so they could compare the pics to the initial pics. perhaps maybe if your dentist takes pics he or she might be nice enough to print you out a copy if you asked them? perhaps???? taking pictures with your camera is a good idea and probably a bit better because you can take them any time you want although the quality of the pics might not be the same as the dental pictures that are taken with the special camera

hang in there, your teeth will move soon i'm sure!
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#8 Post by PuppySmiles »

For what it's worth, I've seen some posts around here with many people lamenting that it seems to take a long time for gaps to close.

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