I just keep getting surprises at the orthdontist's office...

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I just keep getting surprises at the orthdontist's office...

#1 Post by beachmommy »

At my first adjustment, I was a little shocked to find out that I needed elastics. Well, OK, they're ugly but I guess I need them. Yesterday, at my second adjustment, I find out I need to wear them the entire term of my braces. But this is not the big surprise. They are putting 4 more braces in my very back teeth. I guess they will attach the wires onto the molars and go backwards. I haven't seen anyone talk about this on the board. I think at my next appointment I need to ask for all the bad news at once!!!!!! Has anyone had this?

Other than that, my teeth are noticeably straightening, so that's encouraging. This seems like such a slooooooooow process.

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#2 Post by theKurp »

I'm just guessing here but it sounds like these are surprises to you only. Meaning, I'm betting this is part of the overall treatment plan and instead of telling you up front, they're feeding you the information piecemeal.

I'm just shy of 3 weeks in braces. My first adjustment is Jan. 2nd. When I had my braces installed I was told that due to lessons learned (i.e., broken wires, discomfort, etc.,) that the standard operating procedure in cases like mine was to omit the upper and lower molars from bracket and wires until the first adjustment.

So yes, just like you, I won't have the molars included in braces until the first adjustment.

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#3 Post by Kat »

Welcome to the club.
This is going to be a rollercoaster ride throuh out.
Hang on!

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