$6900 for Damon Braces - Did I get Fleeced?

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#16 Post by andigirl »

I work for a Damon certified Ortho in Idaho and my cost would have been $4900 for 18-20 months before my employee discount. I think that the price probably varies by region.

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#17 Post by seabee »

I live in Alberta and I've had three different quotes. All include records, retainers, elastics, broken brackets..etc. None of the offices are located in the downtown core. All damon.

$6800 - 24 months
$7400 - 24 months
$7600 - 24 months

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#18 Post by Riley »

Paid £3800 for my treatment + I paid £100 for my initial consultation and had paid £100 at another orthodontist that didn't offer Damon but was cheaper but took longer and required many more regular appointments which are a problem for me.

£608 down then £133 for 24 months.

My treatment is going to be for 16 months my ortho said to treat a twisted front incisor, minor crowding and an off centre mid line on my top arch and to correct minor crowding on my bottom. I had a single extraction on my top arch too.

The way the £ is going against the $ it looks like I got a reasonable deal.

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#19 Post by SwsMiss »

Scottsdale, Arizona

Almost $6,000

Metal on the bottom
Clear on the top
Cost does not include saving $400 for payment in full which we did
No headgear, expander etc
Extraction was $95

14-18 months

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#20 Post by pagladeshi »

I went to a ortho for damon in Katy, Tx. Which is basically a suburb of Houston, and the cost was $6300 including x-rays, moldings and retainers. Seems steep!!!

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#21 Post by amandajane »

Let's just say I'm half way done.

Balance: 6k
rest of payment: a little under 3k.

:D :shock:
I'm getting there.

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#22 Post by Wheellug »

I am in Canada as well and I have the Damon system also, I am paying $5000 for approximately 24-28 months (hopefully less).

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#23 Post by spatrick »

In downtown Vancouver, Canada.

Paying $7900 for 24 months in Damons, plus another $500-ish for an extraction and surgery to expose an impacted canine tooth.

Price includes two years of follow-up visits and retainers, etc. (I don't know whether such follow-up is standard for orthos).

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#24 Post by amandajane »

Let's just say I'm half way done.

Balance: 6k
rest of payment: a little under 3k.

I'm getting there.

I may be working at Mcdonald's to pay off my 3K debt. :D
Hamburger and soft drink anyone!
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#25 Post by BracedInTheCity »

I'm paying $4,200 for mine.
Braced: 8/25/09
Damon System
Approximate Tx Time: 18 Months

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#26 Post by Laura1985 »

I'm on the eastern shore of Maryland and paying I believe about 7,000 or 7,500. This price includes my eventual retainer, but not extractions or canine exposure surgery. I probably could have found cheaper around here, but liked the orthodontist so didn't look around more or attempt to haggle.
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#27 Post by SimplySpiffy »

Wow, I think I got really lucky! My damons will cost $4800 ($4200 if I pay cash up front) and that includes gum contouring that I'll need once my teeth are aligned, and the retainer I'll have to wear as well as the visits my ortho will want to have in the year following removal of the braces just to make sure everything is in good order. So, that's basically 3 years of appointments since I'll have them for 18-24 months. I live just outside of a big city, so I'm a little surprised that my price is so low compared to so many others out there!

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#28 Post by ZoseyPosey »

So glad I found this thread! I just got quoted 6900 for Damon's and was wondering if that was the norm. Looks like it depends on where you are - this ortho is right outside Washington DC, so I guess that has something to do with it.

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#29 Post by avy »

Melbourne, Australia :D

I have In-Ovation which is the same as Damon I think. Mine cost $6950 for clear on top and metal on the bottom plus all appointments, retainers etc for the course of my treatment. It was $900 more per arch for clear so if I got full metal ones it would have been $6050.
I had to pay $2000 up front then I had the choice to either pay the rest up front once the braces were on (no discount) or in installments. I chose installments because this way I will be making payments over 2 years so I get more of a return on my private health cover... $750 per financial year.

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#30 Post by bubbletoes55 »

Im in the greater Toronto area and quoted 6400, not including the xrays etc which are costing about $300

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