$6900 for Damon Braces - Did I get Fleeced?

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$6900 for Damon Braces - Did I get Fleeced?

#1 Post by M1lkman »

That's the cost for 18 months of treatment in Damon braces at my orthodontist. No headgear, no specialized anything. Just one rubber band to be placed in the left rear molar area six months into the treatment.

$6900 seems well outside the "average" range for the cost of damon braces, and is indeed even more than what I've read some lingual braces cost.

Did I get fleeced? Damon wearers, how much does your treatment cost, and how long will it last?

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#2 Post by CuriosityAndTheFeline »

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#3 Post by UGHBRACES »

I am in Canada, its $5600 cdn. for 20 months. Did you get any other quotes?

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#4 Post by M1lkman »

Unfortunately, I didn't get any other quotes. I visited several other orthodontists and got recommendations from two dentists. The other orthos failed to impress me, and both dentists claimed that the ortho currently treating me was the best in town. I suppose his universal recognition as the best in the area allows him to charge more.

Curiously, the mean cost for full treatment for adults in my area is a shade over $6000, according to the calculator available through Archwired. This seems weird, as I live in a mid-sized city, with no particular reason for the high cost.

As for the research, the manufacturers point to some (allegedly) independent research here: http://www.damonbraces.com/research.php. Obviously, they wouldn't cite research that debunked claims of faster treatment, so the studies have dubious probative value.

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#5 Post by Audra »

I am in Canada, have Damons and my treatment is quite pricey. There are a few factors to the cost, I believe. One factor is that the orthodontist's office is in the downtown core, which is predominantly business and so overhead for the office is not cheap. The office is across the street from where I work and there is a +15 so I don't even have to go outside in the winter. Another factor is that they use a computer treatment simulation system called Insignia, which is an indirect bonding method and is supposed to reduce treatment time. And lastly, I am a surgical patient so am paying for correspondence between the orthodontist and the surgeon.

My treatment plan cost is:

$600 - Records (case workup, 3D digital imaging, radiological reports, digital treatment simulation, corresondence with specialist )
$350 - TMJ Imaging
$6800 - active treatment fee
$1600 - TMJ stabilization fee (may be refunded if not needed)
$800 retention/stabilization phase.

Total cost of treatment $10,150
Treatment time estimate - surgery at 10-12 months (will probably be longer due to surgical wait times in Alberta) and braces for another 6-8 months after surgery.
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#6 Post by braceface418 »

I have self-ligating braces, a treatment time of around 24 months, and am handing over a cool $7,200. Of course, I live in Chicago proper (none of this suburb business) and the ortho's office is also in the city. This generally translates in to high(er) rent and increased cost of living, which I'm sure I pay some portion of.

Included in this is the no-cost replacement of three brackets, a retainer (lower bonded wire and clear plastic upper), and three years of follow-up visits once the braces are removed, as well as xrays, molds, etc. Two other places quoted $5,200 (in-network provider with my insurance company, but with lower rates) and around $6,000 respectively.

Not included: the extractions, any TADs/headgear (jury is still out on which I go with), and any lost retainers.

I tried really hard to convince myself that I did not like the most expensive office for at least a week, but it just didn't work.

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#7 Post by ohmyjaw »

Wow, Audra, you are paying a lot.

I am in Canada and I paid about $6300 for regular braces. This was the cheapest quote of three that I got. The others were both $7000. Retainers included, but x-rays and impressions were extra. This was a surgical case, and I am not sure how much (if any) cheaper a non-surgical case would have been.

I think the important thing to remember is that you need to feel confident about your choice of ortho, regardless of the price. The ortho I picked was the cheapest of the three, but if he had been the most expensive I still would have picked him, because I just did not have a good feeling about the other two.

The Damon braces may be a bit faster than the regular ones, but Curiosity is right, your treatment time is only an estimate! My treatment time was supposed to be 24 months and it ended up being 30.

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#8 Post by Maverick »

Do you happen to live in Toronto? :lol:

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#9 Post by Audra »

I know! I just about fell down when I saw the price. I really wasn't expecting it to be that high. I had another appointment booked with an ortho near where I live, but that would have meant extended hours away from work for adjustments etc. My husband discovered that his insurance plan at work covered 50% ortho for adults with no upper limit. They paid for 35% of the 50% up front with the remainder to be paid monthly over 24 months. His plan also has a health spending account of $1000 and my company has a yearly $1500 health spending account which I can use both this year and next year and I had a bit of carryover left from last year. When I added it all up, there was very little at the end that would come "out of pocket" so I decided to go for it. I felt very comfortable with the office and it really was convenient to where I work. I think the fact that their office is in the downtown core is a factor in the price. Downtown office lease costs are quite high. At the end of the day though, I really believe that the outcome will be good as my treatment plan seems to have been planned in great detail and he deals with adult surgical patients all the time.

I live in Calgary.


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#10 Post by Flaka »

I have Damon braces which is the only kind my ortho works with on adults so I had no choice.

My treatment is $6300 for 24-30 months and bonded retainer for bottom and the clear one for the top ( I dont know the name)
I thought it was a bit expensive but I never went to get another opinion but I just found out that that its the cost around the area where I live.

I put $1300 down, my insurance paid $1000 and I make payments of $200 each month for 20 months, even though my treatment is longer.

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#11 Post by ldbraced »

I have speed brackets now and will get Suresmile archwires 6 months into treatment. I am paying $7200 and that includes 8 lost/popped brackets (5 per 12 month period and he estimates my treatment time to be 16-18 months), all x-rays and visits, and my retainers and follow-up visits.
I live in a medium sized city and work in a small town that is close by and my ortho offers convenient office hours in both locations. I think the price just depends on the ortho and your individual case (I went to another ortho in Beverly Hills, CA that was going to charge me even more for regular braces and several more months of treatment time). If you like your ortho and he comes recommended then I wouldn't worry about it. Afterall, you get what you pay for and his expertise and reputation are part of the equation. I have seen several examples of my orthos work and the results are amazing so the extra cash is worth it. I am looking forward to being one of his before and after shots :-).

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#12 Post by karencoutts »

I live in Vancouver, Canada. Here are my quotes for self-ligating brackets, for the same set of teeth (90% overbite, overjet, mild crowding on top and bottom, Class II on right, Class I on left).

1. Damon, 18-24 months $6700 plus $400 for x-rays = $7100;
2. Damon, 20-24 months $6500 all inclusive; and
3. Innovation, 20-24 months, $6700 all inclusive (includes extraction 2 teeth).

Prices include retainers (not specified what type). Note that 1 and 2 said I didn't need extractions. All dentists are located in the West Side of Vancouver (fairly expensive rent).

I also obtained a 4th quote for regular braces (not self-ligating):

4. 20-24 months, $4500 plus $400 for x-rays, through a University clinic.

I didn't choose the lowest quote, I chose the highest because I felt that it was the best choice (best ortho, best treatment plan). All of the plans were quite different with respect to suggested hardware. I've posted about these quotes somewhere else, and they might be different than those posted here because I'm going from memory since I'm too lazy to look it up.

Best wishes for your orthodontic treatment.

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#13 Post by lauren »

I'm in the Washington, DC area, damons in the back and self-ligating ceramics on the "social 6", and my ortho is one of the top in the COUNTRY and teaches all over the world. I'm only paying $6500, lol.

But, that's also including a flipper until I can get an implant, pulling a tooth, and I'm having adjustments every 3 weeks (which so far have just been new rubber bands, but he's really trying to make me comfortable, which is cool.)
I got braced 9/05/2008!

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#14 Post by pleuriticus »

I'm getting comprehensive Damon treatment, similar to the original post in this thread for $4750 in Colorado - Damon System trained and certified ortho.

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#15 Post by jennielee81 »

I had Damons and self ligating ceramics (Opals) for 22 month (18-24 estimate) In the Washington/Baltimore area. Though I'm 50+ miles from either city. My town is a small to medium city, but my proximity to Washington/Baltimore effects the cost of everything here.

My cost was $4710. The original quote was for $5110 but I saved $400 because I paid cash up front. We used our tax return for that year.
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