Wowza, I'm not alone! 28yo getting braces in a week.

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Wowza, I'm not alone! 28yo getting braces in a week.

#1 Post by thegarse »

Hi All,

I just got my spacers put in and am just getting started on a very long journey that surely will have its ups and downs.

I have to admit that the spacers have been pretty uncomfortable and biting down makes it feel like I have a mouth full of cavities (I hope this gets better). I have my bonding appt next Monday and 2 upper bicuspid extractions due on December 1st.

I just wanted to say that this is a great site and thanks for the many informative posts.

I do have a few questions that some of you may be able to help with. I have some chipping (due to years of wearing down the wrong areas) that I'm afraid might need some cosmetic work. How does cosmetic work fit in to the overall procedure? How about if I get a cavity, what do they do? Pull off braces temporarily?


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#2 Post by dangerdude »

How much are these braces going to cost? I live nearby (bay area) and haven't gone to the othro's yet.

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#3 Post by lmle »

hi mike,

i am not sure about your cosmetic stuff-i have heard that takes place after you are done with braces-but it probably depends on your specific case.

i just got my braces on yesterday. the spacers were the hard part i thought. right now my teeth almost done feel like my own. it's quite an odd feeling.

it's a big decision to get braces so congrats on taking steps forward. oh-and definitely take advil before you go-it helps a lot.

Good luck

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#4 Post by rdrisc99 »

as far as cavities go...i have been told that it really depends on what surface of the tooth the cavity is on. for example, if it's between your teeth, the archwire may need to be removed to get to it.

i had my braces put on in may, and when i went in i had quite the jagged edge on one of my front teeth. on my first adjustment it was filed and i was told the rest of the teeth would be filed down when we got to the end of treatment.

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#5 Post by PARR »

15 almost 16 months ago I was where you are today. I've got a few weeks left! The time will go fast. Practice excellent oral hygiene and you won't have any major probs. It's an incredible feeling when all your teeth fit into place and your bite works correctly. This has been so worth it! Best of luck friend!

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