Check out the progress! (pics)

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Check out the progress! (pics)

#1 Post by funshine »

I got braces in January. After many months it was finally time to work on my rotated tooth. I got a button on it in May and then a regular bracket in August. I can't believe how much it has moved in a few months!

Day 1


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#2 Post by hahasosilly »

Oh wow, your teeth are looking wonderful! We have a similar case, and I'm still in the process of closing my gaps to make room for my tooth in the back, if you know what I mean. :) But yeah, that's awesome.

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#3 Post by DireWire »

This is absolutely stunning. Congrats to the progress !! :jump:
Bite plate gone for good after @3 mths

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#4 Post by Megan11 »

Wow! What an inspiration. I can't wait till I see that much progress! They look great! :thumbsup:

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#5 Post by beachbum »

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.

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#6 Post by ~danielle~ »

WOW! Its amazing much that tooth moved in such a short time! You must be thrilled- your smile looks great :D

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#7 Post by funshine »

I know, it is amazing, isn't it?! :shock:

I have to say that it was painful moving that tooth, but I always looked at the pain as progress. It's very loose and feels so weird when they take the wire out for a new one. Like that tooth will just fall out on its own. It's still got some ways to go with tilting and such. Next adjustment they're going to reposition the bracket on it.

Then in the end I'll have a permanent retainer on the bottom.

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#8 Post by PuppySmiles »

Good gracious! Looking lovely, keep up the good work!

(I always think, even though it's the ortho's expertise that places the braces, the hard work is us putting up with them and keeping them clean.)

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#9 Post by bracedat41 »

Wow! Your teeth look great. I have a similar problem & have only been in braces for 3 weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

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#10 Post by funshine »

Thanks, everyone. :D

Whenever I get frustrated I'm just going to look at these pics. It'll put everything in perspective.

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