THINNING of face during braces

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THINNING of face during braces

#1 Post by Princess123 »

Hi everyone,
It's my first time posting on this website. I've had my braces on for 9 months now and my face looks much thinner than it did before the beggining of my treatment. I'm 25 years old and healthy, and I didn't lose any weight, just in the face it seems! I hate it so much and when i meet people i haven't seen in a while they're like "Oh my God, what happened to you you lost so much weight"!! And I DIDNT!!
I'm naturally thin but not skinny.

Anyone had the same experience and will my face come back to normal after my braces come off?

(I didnt have any extractions of teeth)

Thank you so so much!

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#2 Post by kittenmaisey »


If you've had extractions than maybe. I 've yet to summon up the courage to be braced for several reasons. However I have heard that braces, can , in some people change face shape.

Hope it isn't all too stressful for you.


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#3 Post by kittenmaisey »

Sorry.. didn't read the end of your post!


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#4 Post by meggers06 »

Yes! I am 24, 3 months into braces and also thin (but not skinny skinny). I notice that in pictures my face looks sunkin' in! People have been telling me lately that I look so different. I never knew if that was a compliment or not, but after seeing pictures I am starting to think w/the thinner face that it's not a compliment!! I have read that it goes away when the braces come off, but I am really worried that this is not the case! I just got my pallet expanders off after 5 months and I figured that the whole pallet widening process cause the change in my facial shape?! :?

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#5 Post by Princess123 »

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#6 Post by Princess123 »

Thanks to both of you for replying!
Meggers06, i too noticed the change in pictures, thats where its the most obvious :shock:! I use to like the oval shape of my face, but anyway, hopefully it'll be back to normal in 9 months when my braces come off. :D The ortho told me i would need them for 18months and hopefully it wont be more than that.

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#7 Post by Maverick »

Braces puff your lips out which creates the illusion that cheeks are deeper and face thinner. Don't worry so much. :wink:

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#8 Post by braceface418 »

I feel like my cheekbones are a little more prominent and my face a little thinner since getting braces, but I attribute that mostly to the giant buildups on my molars adding about a half a centimeter to the length of my face. Frankly, I always thought my face was a little round, so it's not unwelcome.

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#9 Post by jenny101101 »

I'm in the same boat. I didn't have any extractions and I've been the same weight for more then 4 years. I was overweight, lost weight and I'm now maintaining my healthy weight for my height(130 lbs) so I'm by no means TOO skinny, just right. I stopped working for 2 years and I just returned to work 3 weeks ago and I've had quite a few people, who haven't seen me for a few years, say "Wow, you've lost weight!!" and I say "Yeah, like 4 years ago and you've seen me since then"!

I agree completely with what Maverick said :D . I'm not worried about it. When the braces come off, I'll be back to looking more like my old self. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not :wink: !
Keep smilin'! :)

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#10 Post by MetalGerald »

Like lenoro, I have huge buildups on my back molars. At least, they feel huge to me. This makes my face look a little longer. Also like lenoro, I had a very round face before braces, so this is a good thing.

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#11 Post by Kat »

Yep, this has been discused a bunch here.

I've had braces for 2 yrs. now but after the 1st 8 month or so people started asking me if I had lost weight. After about the 5 th person in two weeks or so I realized that in fact I had gotten a narrower face from my braces. Ortho said it was normal.
I now still have a narrower face and will say I do look older which I don't like. Not bad but aged.

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#12 Post by Cor1 »

Well since having my braces I have some really nice cheekbones going on, I luv them, and the way my face looks since getting my braces!!


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#13 Post by KARESS »

My face is much longer than it was.
I dont know if its because I lost weight, got braces or went through some kind of 20's puberty, lol.

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#14 Post by Filip »

I'm 36, in treatment since Feb 07. My face has clearly changed. Cheekbones more prominent. I think my RPE expander caused most change, and then add the braces effect. I think (hope) that when the braces are removed, the cheeks will fill in a bit.

No teeth extracted, no weight loss, still people said "you look so thin" when looking at my face. Bit of hollow cheeks.

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#15 Post by TigerLily »

No extractions here either but still the thinning of the face. I finally have the cheekbones I dreamt of as a teenager but now I am not sure..we are never happy are we :lol:

I don't wear make up every day, but when I do accentuate the apples on my cheeks with blusher to try and counteract it.

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