They're off

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They're off

#1 Post by HeyTeach »

Got debonded, got bonded 3 to 3 upper retainer, got molds for upper and lower retainers (essix)

eating lunch felt really good

smile looks pretty good for an old geeser like me! ortho said xrays look excellent...roots and bone in excellent shape.

Yes it has been well worth it!

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#2 Post by Arbywhopper »

:thumbsup: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! :-88 :-)o
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#3 Post by lionfish »

Wow, that went by quickly.

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#4 Post by jennielee81 »

That seems like it was SO FAST!

I'm really excited for you...can't wait to see pix!
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#5 Post by HeyTeach »

Almost 14 1/2 months, a tad longer than expected.

I was surprised how quickly the braces came off, all strung together on their wires! (Removal of bonding material and polishing takes longer.) I was not expecting the bonded retainer, but it is there now, and not a problem.

When the other retainers come next week I am told it will be 24/7 for the lower for up to 6 months, then night time only, and night time only for the upper after a few days. The usual check ups in 6 months and a year.

So, really glad I did this; never a major ordeal; never an embarrassment; all for the good.

(and I beat my buddies Parr and chef to the finish line! young whipper snappers...)

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#6 Post by PARR »

Careful there Gramps, I'm right behind you! lol :D

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