crest whitestrips before and after pics

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crest whitestrips before and after pics

#1 Post by jaswi »

Hello people. I know theres been plenty of questions on the whitestrips and stuff. I got my braces off at the end of September and decided to give the whitestrips a try. I went with Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus, 10 day. These are the results

Top is before, bottom is after, with a little chopped every other tooth comparison below that.

The actual results are more obvious than the pictures! I've only had any tooth sensitivity for the past 2 days, and its very very minor. I'd recommend these any day, well worth the $35.

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#2 Post by PuppySmiles »

I like the Whitestrips too. Used them a year ago, and still get compliments on how white my teeth are.
My only complaint with them is that they don't really treat very far back. When I use them, they only cover my first premolars on top. Guess it's not really a problem for everyday use - you don't smile with your back teeth. But it was a noticeable difference from front to back, in the pictures my ortho took with my lips held away from the teeth. O vanity! :oops:

Your results look really nice!

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#3 Post by Lisa65 »

I can't wait to be able to do that.

There's a real improvement there Jaswi.

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#4 Post by dugsmom »

Very nice and very white. Your teeth look great...can't wait till mine are as pretty as yours!


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#5 Post by trisharmywife »

wow, ur teeth look great!!! u can really see the change!!!

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#6 Post by lovelyleo »

looks good to me...I will have to remember this in two years


Debrace DAY Monday June 14th!!!!
24-30 month estimated treatment time

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#7 Post by HeyTeach »

Yes, they do work. I'm using the Listerine disolving ones. But even after a week I am seeing good results. THere are several brands out there, some with trays etc. But the thangs do work.

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