Just got Debanded!!!! I LOVE My new smile!!

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Just got Debanded!!!! I LOVE My new smile!!

#1 Post by Gennel »

I was so nervous and excited this morning for my ortho appt! I kept hoping he would just say the magical words and he did! He told the assistant get her ready for debanding today!
Clipping off the braces was like 10 seconds. Removing the molar bands did NOT, Not hurt at all! He just clipped them off in like 1-2 seconds. The WORST part was sanding off the glue :( The pain was pretty bad just because the cold is EXTREME and I felt it in my roots! lol my daughter went with me and was squeezing my hand....well I squeezed her hand until it was purple. I got the mold done,that was pretty simple. I go back at 4 pm today to pick up my Essix retainers.Here are my after photos! I was thrilled! I am still licking my teeth since this morning lol.
My bottom midline is only noticable when I open my mouth top and bottom for these pics but overall I am thrilled with the results.


Today! 10-06-08


My hubby has no idea they are off so he will be surprised when he gets home today! He asked me how my appt went and I told him I have to wait 2 weeks for retainers so I get debanded in 2 weeks! lol


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#2 Post by Lola »

Congrats! You look fab!

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#3 Post by Arbywhopper »

Congrats!!! thats so AMAZING!!! YAY!!! your teeth look so good!!!! :-88 :jump: :thumbsup: :tingrin:
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#4 Post by sparkles »

Congratulations! Your teeth look amazing! :jump: :jump:

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#5 Post by Lisa65 »

Wowee! :jump: they look fabulous!

Enjoy your new smile. You deserve it after all that pain you went through with that lower expander.

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#6 Post by jenny101101 »

Beautiful, Gennel!! :D

Ohhh, I love the fact that you're surprising your hubby! I'm a long ways off until debanding but I think I'll do the same thing :lol: .

BTW, I love your nails 8) .
Keep smilin'! :)

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#7 Post by KARESS »

lol i cant wait til its my turn

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#8 Post by Gennel »

Counting down till hubby gets here! lol Less than 1 hour to go :)
He will be shocked and thrilled at the same time!

I just came back from picking up my retainer and they had a gift for me. I got a Free photo session at Abbey of London photo studio and a big mug with coffee/hot cocoa and brushes and stuff .I was more excited tosee the free photo session because I was planning on doing this for myself as treat anyway and now it's free! Well I will have to come up with something else to celebrate!


thanks for the nail comment, I painted them last week in Halloween colors!

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#9 Post by pitterpat »

Congratulations! They look great. That's great about the photos too.

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#10 Post by jennielee81 »

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#11 Post by naturegirl »

Wow! You're smile looks FABULOUS!!! :D

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#12 Post by lovelyleo »

CONGRATS!!!! Your teeth look fantastic. I am sure your husband will love that smile!!!! Thanks for the encouragement.


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#13 Post by funshine »

What a beautiful smile! :D

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#14 Post by abcdebbie »

congrats! your smile is beautiful!!!!


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#15 Post by saycheeese »

Wow gorgeous, congrats!! :D

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