Orthodontic report, whats all this mean??please help :)

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Orthodontic report, whats all this mean??please help :)

#1 Post by samantha86 »

Even tho i have had my braces on for just over 2 weeks now, i never even bothered looking at the report my orthodontist gave me.
I thought ide have a little look last night and realised i couldnt understand hardly any of it. so i done a little bit of research my self but im still unsure of exactly what hes doing , lol
i also noticed that someone else posted a similar topic as me and had really helpful responses.
please help !!

here goes :

You present with a Class II division 2 incisor relationship on a mild skeletal II base, with reduced maxillary mandibular plane angle.
The overjet is positive at 5mm, while the overbite is increased & complete.
There is moderate crowding in the upper and lower arch.
The upper centre line is displaced to the left, and the lower centre line is correct.
The left molar relationship is 1/4 unit class II, and the right molar is 1/2 unit class II.

This is my treatment plan:
To have the upper and lower fixed appliance to align the labial segment.
Treated on an non-extraction basis you will require mini-implants for anchorage to distalise the upper buccal segments.

????? lol

please can someone help me to understand all this !



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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

Another fabulously detailed post from our resident mine of information, Meryaten :wink:

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#3 Post by jennielee81 »

DITTO! There is no detail left untouched by our good friend Meryaten!
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#4 Post by samantha86 »

God your good Meryaten, i was kinda hoping you might see my post as i did notice your were giving really detailed and good answers to ppl hehe.
thanks so much :) that makes a lot more sense to me now.
sam :pinkbraces: :-88

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