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Putting it off a little

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:53 pm
by my december
My brace day is scheduled for Thursday, but I'm going to reschedule. I want to get a good cleaning done BEFORE they go on, and my dentist just hasn't been able to get me in. I've tried keeping my appointment so far in hopes that a someone would cancel and they'd call me. Hasn't happened yet, so I'll reschedule for a day or two after my cleaning. That also gives me time to save up money or the deposit and get settled into a new job before taking on another monthly payment.

But there might be amazing news with it anyway. I had a weekend away and rode down with family friends. lol... I was talking about how I have my boyfriend totally convinced I'm getting breast implants. (That's a long story... but we have a long distance relationship, so we don't get to see each other that much anymore. I txted him a couple weeks ago telling him I'd have a surprise for him next time I saw him... something that would make me look a lot better. He thinks it's implants. :lol:) Well, the female said that she used to work as an orthodontic assistant and asked if I wanted a recommendation for a practice. I said sure, even though I had my appointment scheduled, because I love getting feedback from people on the practices in the area. And the practice she used to work for, the one she recommended, was the practice I'd already chosen! How funny, huh?

I asked her a bit about the orthodontic assistant job since I've actually looked at trying to do that since I began this orthodontic journey. I didn't mention that I was looking into the job myself, just asked about it. BUT, she suddenly had a lightbulb sort of moment and said, "Wait! You could do it, and if you start working there, your braces would be free." So she's going to place a couple of calls for me, and I'm going to inquire a bit about a job.

Really, it was just soooooo crazy, but I'm somewhat stoked by the prospect. I'd get an awesome job, and my $5300 braces would become free.

Hopefully I'll get word on working there soon. If not, look for the braces sometime around... oh, I think October 17ish.

So yeah, a much longer wait, but a possible GREAT payoff.

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:08 pm
by jaswi
I don't know if you're aware, but at least in the US you have to be licenced and certified as an ortho assistant. Not just go in and learn on the job. At least all my ortho assistants were.

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:03 pm
by my december
Actually, only a few states require ortho assistants to be licensed and certified. Traditionally, all ortho assisting training has been done on the job. I guess (for anyone else reading this) if you really want to know if they are certified, you have to ask if they're a COA or not. (As a side note, many ppl I've spoken to have been surprised at how many jobs are like this... my boyfriend, for example, is a nationally certified pharmacy technician. Most pharmacy technicians he's worked with have been trained on the job).

The Academy of Orthodontic Assisting has an 7 week online course but also admits that traditionally, most assistants have been trained on the job.

Whether this is a good thing or not is up for personal opinion. However, the family friend loved her job, did it quite well, and was trained on the job. And if I could start a wonderful new career in a field I've become rather passionate about since starting this journey and be trained on the job as opposed to spending more time in a classroom (I am college educated with a degree in Social Work. Unfortunately, I burned out on the job rather quickly. It's a difficult profession) AND get my braces for free, I would welcome the opportunity.

I do thank you for trying to help though. And whether or not I get a job with them, I will still be getting my braces within the month.