Getting braces

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Getting braces

#1 Post by JamesBraces »

I am getting braces soon.
I have my first consultation visit next week.
Where they will take xrays and impressions of my teeth.

How long can I expect till I actually get the braces fitted?
Also are the self ligating brackets good?
Any tips or advice as well?

I am 33 England, so would like to hear also from other fellow brace wearers in the UK.

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#2 Post by JamesBraces »

Is there no one to answer my questions?
Or anyone from England or UK in here with braces?

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#3 Post by Lisa65 »

Hi James and welcome.

There are several people here from the UK, and most of the members here (not surprisingly :wink: ) have braces, or have had them in the past. I would suggest you have a cruise round the various boards, as you will probably find answers to any general questions you might have.

General questions you might ask your ortho if you have not already done so...(assuming you are a private patient)
Is the total cost inclusive of any breakage repairs, emergency appointments or unforeseen extensions of treatment? Does the cost include retainers and follow up?
What is the estimated treatment time?
Will the treatment require any extra items such as headgear, micro implants, expanders etc?
Will extractions be needed, if so, which teeth? Any alternatives to extractions if you prefer not to have them?
Will you have a choice of metal or ceramic brackets?

I can't answer your question about wait times. Are you going NHS, or private? If it's NHS it could be a while, but if you are paying to go private, your ortho will let you know how long. It might be a few weeks. Most orthos in the UK seem to be pretty busy.

Self-ligating brackets are no better or worse than "regular" metal or ceramic brackets in terms of efficiency. Some orthos prefer to use them and others don't. The lack of rubber ligatures, which can potentially be a source of friction between wire and bracket, can sometimes mean appointments with SL brackets can be further apart, and can sometimes speed treatment up a little.

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#4 Post by artroxu »

I have self ligating brackets. It's nice not to have to worry about staining ligs, and my ortho's asst says that SL brackets have quicker adjustments and are further apart (6-8 weeks as opposed to 4-6). Mine are the "Smart Clips" so the wire pops into the bracket.

My best advise is to take some ibuprophen before your "install" and stock up on soft foods. We are all here to help. Oh, and the search option is great for questions about specific parts of the treatment process like ligs, archwires, mouthwash, food stuck in teeth, etc. :D

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