What's up with Fridays?

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What's up with Fridays?

#1 Post by PuppySmiles »

During my search for the right orthodontist, I noticed that a lot of their offices aren't even open on Fridays! What's up? Is this just standard for the profession? And is there a reason?

Being able to schedule an appointment on a Friday afternoon, at the end of work, and then go home and relax would ROCK. What's the deal?

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#2 Post by jpiper001 »

haha mine is open on mon, tue, fri, and sat. i have weds and sun off of work. its going to be an interesting 2 years=P

one day, i want a job i can go to 4 days a week=)

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#3 Post by jaswi »

Mine is only open monday tuesday and wednesdays. I guess when you dont have to work a 5 day work week, you dont.

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#4 Post by PARR »

Working hours are subjective. So many hours a week to see patients, so many to do lab work, so many to do treatment plans etc. Many orthos have more than one office in my area. So a work week may be 2 days here, 2 there and 2 for all the other work that needs to be done. Others arrange hours for patients' convenience so there are several early morning or afternoons and a Saturday. More than likely they have a 60+ hour work week.

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#5 Post by PuppySmiles »

I guess that makes sense, Parr. I didn't think about the work they may need to do that doesn't involve me being in the chair.

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#6 Post by PuppySmiles »

jpiper001 wrote:haha mine is open on mon, tue, fri, and sat. i have weds and sun off of work. its going to be an interesting 2 years=P
Oh noes, jpiper! I hope your work is flexible enough to let you schedule appointments!

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#7 Post by TumbleDryLow »

Neither my dentist nor my ortho are open on Friday and that's one of my days off. This results in many 8am (so I can get in and out before work) appointments. And I'm not exactly what you would call a morning person, so those days are no fun at all.

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#8 Post by lilblackdress »

Some orthos have mulitple locations or offices.
So maybe if he/she isn't working at one location, they could be at another.

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#9 Post by Smiletagious:o) »

My ortho's office is open mon-fri, but they only see patients on tues, wed and thurs. This is convenient for me as i work part time and usually have at least one of those days free :wink:

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#10 Post by WhenISeeYouSmile »

My ortho is open on Friday but I don't think he sees patients that day. When I had my impressions made it was on a Friday and while I was sitting in the waiting room, he came through and said he was late for his tee off time. Guess I know how he spends his Fridays :-)

Smiletagious:o) I love your avitar...what a cute doggie!

And PuppySmiles, I love yours too!

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#11 Post by Toni »

My Ortho has two offices, a main one that's open Mon, Thurs and Fri. the other office which is the one that I go to is only open on Tues.
My regular dentist is the one with the wonky hours, isn't open on Fri and only open until 4:30 Monday, Tuesday and Weds. Thursdays they close at 7pm. It's almost impossible to get an afternoon appointment ever!
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#12 Post by Lola »

Mine is open Monday to Friday and they are changing now to open Monday through to Saturday!

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#13 Post by artroxu »

Mine sees patients monday through thurs, I'm not sure if they are open on fridays or if they just do lab work. :? All i know is i can never get a friday appointment. :(

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#14 Post by John37 »

Not sure about this, but they could be doing other professional things like attending meetings or conferences with other doctors...or they could be going to the beach. :lol:

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