Braces and your kids

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Braces and your kids

#1 Post by tryinthis2 »

Are you embarrassed to go to your child's school where their classmates are braced too?

I had some 10 yr old freak out and think we've got "something in common" like she's going to give me advice on how to wear braces.

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#2 Post by LithpingLitha »

I'm not embarrassed to have braces. I was more embarrassed pre-braces because of my crooked teeth.
My daughter is in braces as well. It is something special to share and I feel happy inside when I see other children in them.
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#3 Post by KARESS »

its funny
When kids see my braces their face light up
I had a little kid beggin her mom for some
cause they thought they were cool.

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#4 Post by GiovanntiLawing »

I wouldn't be embarrassed at all. Im not. I'm 26 with braces and my 13 year old brothers (yes, brothers- they are twins) both have them. So it's neat to kid around with them about them. It's neat because I was the one's calling them "braceface" last year, and this year I'm right back in them.

Fun times!
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#5 Post by beachmommy »

Well, I'm embarassed because of braces generally - but I like talking to the kids about our braces. I get tips from them. :oops:

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