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#16 Post by TumbleDryLow »

I think I'll join jaswi in the popcorn gallery
Oooh......jaswi, can I come too?

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#17 Post by Beckster »

Me three, I want in on this popcorn party!!!

Let me just say that by reading what certain people have said regarding being "scared to death by 60 minutes or what others have said about their horrors" it just proves to me that TOO MANY people out there are swayed into their thoughts by watching one TV show, reading one post, etc. People--DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!! Seriously!! Before being scared to bits, etc. try to do some research, look at some scholarly journals, you name it!!!

To Meryaten, Jennilee, etc. who have tried to "debunk" the horrors of the individuals on here (for lack of better wording) thank you!

Jaswi, thanks for adding a bit of humor!

I must now try to sit back and "eat some popcorn" rather than just be as disturbed by how gullible some people really are...

Please excuse me for being a bit too blunt here, and feel free to post dissenting opinions/thoughts/ideas....
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#18 Post by Lisa65 »

Sorry, double posted.
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#19 Post by Lisa65 »

Anyone can write a book. But to have a book published on a subject, it really helps to have some knowledge of that subject.

Learning some basic terminology might be a good place to begin, such as the difference between overjet and overbite.

Pass the popcorn guys.

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#20 Post by rolo »

"But I don't quite get why people who are thrilled with their result would spend so much time defending the establishment"

For me I lived for so long with teeth I hated and I'm so pleased with the results I want to share my experience with others, as I honestly believe straightening their teeth with or without case appropriate extractions, following several opinions, will be the best thing they have ever done, in the vast majority of cases.

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#21 Post by lionfish »

For me I lived for so long with teeth I hated and I'm so pleased with the results I want to share my experience with others, as I honestly believe straightening their teeth with or without case appropriate extractions, following several opinions, will be the best thing they have ever done, in the vast majority of cases.
I think this is really what it's all about, isn't it?

As for 60 Minutes, for some reason my TV doesn't have the button that gets that program.

Pass the popcorn, please.

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#22 Post by jaswi »

*passes out popcorn, but hordes the butter*

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#23 Post by married2abuckeye »

Don't you all know that popcorn is a big NO-NO for braces?? Stop now before you pop a bracket! Actually, popcorn is about the only thing I've avoided while in braces :-#)

I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents on this topic:

I just watched the 60 minutes segment on YouTube and think shows like this, though apparently 1-sided, are important to give people at least SOME information that can lead them to asking questions about what is accepted as the status quo. It's hard to argue with the facial changes in the twins and the other examples shown. I am not advocating running for the hills from traditional orthodontics, but I think what we have to remember is that not all cases are identical and so why should they be prescribed the same treatment? I'm lucky in that I did not have to have any extractions (I think I'd be too much of a baby to get any teeth pulled!), but watching that show has definitely opened my mind to find the right treatment for my children when the time comes for them to be braced.

Please don't yell at me :P
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#24 Post by BracedVeryLate »

um - why is everyone eating popcorn? popcorn is just about my favorite snack, but I am afraid to eat it with braces.... you rebels!!!

i enjoyed reading this post for the same reason as the previous poster. i have two little children that will most likely need braces, because even their baby teeth are huge, crowded and crooked, and I would like to be armed with as much information as possible - even the crazy 60 minutes story. i want to give them every chance to have nice healthy straight adult teeth using the least invasive methods.

my husband has beautiful teeth and an improved profile from having 8 extractions (including 4 wisdoms) when he was pretty young. he had a very large overjet and he is very happy with his before and after profiles. would he look different without the extractions using some other widening method? probably. but, he is happy with the result.

i think people with naturally straight teeth have the most beautiful smiles and faces because they have a nice full arch. my brother-in-law is one of those lucky ones. his face is full and he looks young even in his mid-40s. but for some of us less-lucky ones, i think we need to accept slight facial changes to get better looking teeth. and i do think for the majority of people, the changes are indeed slight.

i vacillate between paranoia and acceptance about getting my bottom incisor pulled. right now - it looks like there is waaaay too much space to ever fill the gaps properly, and the teeth will have to be pulled back slightly to round out the arch. i am no beauty queen, but i like my profile as it is and i am definitely afraid that i might look different. my ortho totally dismisses my concerns, so it's great to vent fears here.

based upon the posters on this forum, it seems like 99/100 are happy with the results, so I will take those odds and trust in the process i chose.

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#25 Post by lionfish »

To be honest, I'm not a big popcorn eater....but I do love cashews!

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#26 Post by sksk11 »

I have recently had 4 extractions - the "four on the floor" (thankfully too late to be influenced by this YouTube video). I very much doubt that my ortho would have been able to straighten my teeth properly without doing this, as my wisdom teeth are smack bang against the back of my mouth and there was definitely no room to spare to sort out the crowding issues!

I am aware that my face shape may change, and my smile may or may not be as wide as before, but this pales into insignificance when considering that once my treatment is complete, I will actually be able to bite between my front teeth properly, and stop wearing down my left central incisor to the point where I risk chipping or cracking it!

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#27 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

No popcorn for me - I too watched the piece on youtube, waiting for the mangled faces to appear - hey I'm only human :oops: - but none really looked to be THAT bad - I'm joking of course! I did my research, found an ortho whose work I trusted, and when she said I needed a couple of extractions, I went for it. Of course, I have no wisdom teeth & even so my entire jaw is filled all the way back with teeth, so I don't know where they would have moved to if we hadn't removed a couple. I am looking forward to see what, if anything, happens to the shape of my face.
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#28 Post by Neptune »


I really appreciate your well-written response regarding the 60 Minutes piece. Too often, I find that it's difficult to determine negative outcomes from orthodontic procedures on these message boards.

Clearly, the odds are on the favor of extractions benefiting the overall look of the patient. But I also know that the odds aren't at 100%. While I have not (and likely will not..I hope) have extractions, I do find it useful to hear another side to the issue of extractions just in case my situation changes. I err on the side of being more informed because such information (for me, anyway...) results in a much better interaction with my orthodontist.

To the people who have had success with extractions: you have no need at all to argue/quarrel with Neilar; your AMAZING pictures displaying your results speak for themselves. These types of engagement bug me more than Stories of Woe.

And, jaswi, you are hilarious. :) I let the popcorn melt in my mouth before chewing. Don't worry - I brought my own butter. :wink:

Toodles, everyone.
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