PLease help - Will my incisors "sink" into my jaw?

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PLease help - Will my incisors "sink" into my jaw?

#1 Post by ErgMan »

Sorry, but I am unable to post a pic - I will try and describe as best as I can.

I have a lower fixed brace, approx 10 months into a 15 month treatment. My overcrowding has improved significantly, however my incisors appear to be "higher up" that surrounding teeth. I would like them to be straight or near straight with the remainder (or not too high above the canines).

My archwire is curved upwards slightly (as i look at it face on, it is shaped like a squashed, elongated letter "n" - nearly horizontal but not quite).

I *think* the current position of the archwire suggest that the incisors will be pushed down into the jaw.

My question is - can incisor teeth be pushed down into the jaw??


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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

Brackets are placed such that once levelling is complete, the archwire will end up straight. Once your crowding is sorted out, you'll probably get stronger wires, which will help level things out.

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#3 Post by pearls »

At my latest adjustment my ortho made some bends in my lower archwire. One bend I assume is to make one of my lower canines taller, and the other i'm guessing (hoping) to make it shorter. I have pics up showing the bends, you can click on my 'www' at the bottom of this post to see if yours is similar. You'll see the pic because it has arrows drawn on it.

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#4 Post by platinum »

yep, they can push those teeth down!!!

I have had over a year those wires that push incissors and canines down.
I have also that kind wire on my uppers, which pushes my front teeth upwards. It goes pretty slowly though... They call those wires with bends "bite opening wire.

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#5 Post by ErgMan »

Thanks for the replies - I'm a lot happier now.


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