credit card!

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credit card!

#1 Post by braceface5656 »

did anyone use their credit card to pay for their treatment?just curious as thats what im considering doing!

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#2 Post by jaswi »

Might want to consider financing through the orthodontist himself. which normally just means him setting you up on a payment plan. That way is usually interest free.

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#3 Post by lovelyleo »

I would talk to your ortho. I didn't think that I would qualify for a payment plan due to credit issues but was able too. unless the credit card was interest free

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#4 Post by NYG2007 »

I have an interest free finance plan with my Orthodontist, but I signed up with auto debit with my credit card so I can get the airline miles. I pay the credit card off when the statement comes in to avoid the finance charges.
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#5 Post by Spidey »

Paying for treatment with a credit card is a HUGE risk, and just a ridiculous way to accumulate TONS of interest payments... Just talk to the ortho and they will usually be able to work something out for much less cost to you!!!

Seriously, dont do it! Did you know that if you charge something to credit you pay interest on the full amount owing? even if you make your minimum payment, they still charge interest based on the total-- not what the balance owing is.

I HATE credit cards!!!!

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#6 Post by bracedat44 »

I used CareCredit, they have no interest plans and even their extended plans are much lower interest than a credit card with fixed payments. I applied online so I would know how much I was approved for and took my account info to the consult.

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#7 Post by Neptune »

I, too, have an interest free plan with my orthodontist, but I gladly and happily allowed the monthly payments to be taken from my credit card. Why? Because you have to be concerned about credit ratings in the United States!! :evil: lol And since I don't have any large purchases yet to my name, I figured monthly payment that eventually equal $5000+ would look great on my credit history. Also, my credit card gives me rewards, so that's another incentive too! :D

More importantly, though, is that you should only pursue this route if you diligent pay off your credit cards every month. I pay my credit card bill as soon as the charge appears on the account online, so this wasn't a difficult choice for me to make. For additional cushion, I set up an automatic bill pay method for my checking account to pay my credit card twice a month for extra security. I'm fortunate to have a great, secure job, so this type of stability works for me.

All in all, if you're using your credit card as a way to allow you to slowly pay the bill because you don't have enough money right now, work with your orthodontist for an alternative plan. It isn't worth it otherwise. My sister, whom I love more than anything, is not someone I would recommend my credit card system to. :D

I hope my input helps you come to a more informed decision.
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#8 Post by GiovanntiLawing »

I would speak to the orthodontist. Using a credit card may not be necessary!

I was given the option to pay for my braces on a payment plan. No financing necessary, no interest, no anything.

He just told me how much they were going to cost and how I could pay for them.

He even allows us to pay the bill whenever you feel like it each month.

My complete treatment was 5,800. I gave him 900 down and was initally on a 200 a month plan.

I would speak to the orthodontist. He may be able to work with you. Most orthodontist's want your business and will allow you to pay what you can!
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#9 Post by lionfish »

I was given the option of paying with a credit card in full up front (attracting a 5% discount) so I took it. Any payments on this card accrue frequent flyer points and as my treatment cost a bomb, I saw a free trip to some exotic destination looming large in my future. And yes, I paid it off when the statement came due.

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#10 Post by jennicakes »

i would definatley do the payment plan, and if this ortho doesn't do them, someone else will! the first ortho i saw didn't do them. I was only nineteen at the time, and didn;t even have a credit card, and he tells me that all his patients charge their treatments. i was so discouraged by this jerk since i knew it would take a year or two to build up enough credit to charge the treatment that i waited until i was 22 to see another ortho! and if the next ortho doesnt approve your credit, keep looking!

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#11 Post by KARESS »

Thats a lot of put on a credit card
you know with interest adding onto it every month.
My braces cost like 5000
we paid 1/5 down and 1/5 the other year.

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#12 Post by purpleteeth »

bracedat44 wrote:I used CareCredit, they have no interest plans and even their extended plans are much lower interest than a credit card with fixed payments. I applied online so I would know how much I was approved for and took my account info to the consult.
I use this too. I had my credit line extended before I started getting consults, just so I would be safe. My entire oral health care is financed on CareCredit, but I still pay a little over 100 a month --- and I am on the 60 month plan. I have had nearly 7 thousand dollars worth of stuff done.

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#13 Post by Bracefacegal »

Most definately use the credit card if you don't carry balances. I don't so that is why I went with credit card payments. I pay in full every month so that is not an issue.

However, if you do carry a balance, then using this method for paying off your treatment is unwise...the interest rates are insane.

Pay cash or get a line of credit where the interest is WAY lower than the CC.
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#14 Post by HeyTeach »

I paid in full with a credit card and got a 10% discount, (and a written guarantee of no extra charges even if it takes longer etc. That card has cash back for gas, medical, etc. Then I paid as much of it off as I could and transfered the balance to a no interest card offer for a year, which I have paid in full a few months early. Managed correctly, you can save some $$ that way.

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