Help: Canker sores all over tongue

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Help: Canker sores all over tongue

#1 Post by rozilla »


I got my lowers on Monday morning and a bite plate, up top. I keep adding wax to the back 'ledges' where the metal sticks out and there are two other spots where my molars are laying sideways towards my tongue.

Have been in pain, popping advil and waxing. Woke up today in pain, looked at my tongue and have canker sores atleast 4 on my tongue.

What should I do?

The braces are minimal annoyance, the bite plate -- which the ortho said should only come out to brush my teeth is a HUGE annoyance.

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#2 Post by rozilla »

The two big ones are underneath/side of my tongue. I have a appt. tomorrow with ortho.

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#3 Post by rolo »

I have lots of ulcers at the moment too! It's miserable isn't it

I'm told staying well hydrated helps, so I'm off to drink a pint of water, do hope you feel better soon

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#4 Post by landela »

Anyone have any suggestions for topical canker sore treatments? I have two right inside my top lip. They keep rubbing and catching on a wire tie, I've tried covering ti with wax, and no luck. I've also been using carmex like crazy, and it helps for a tiny bit, but not enough. Its worse when I talk, and unfortunately I have a job where I need to talk all the time so I'm trying to get my coworkers to help everyone. My husband is going to bring me relief at lunch, I just wanted to see if I could give him suggestions for stuff to look for that works well.

EDIT - my coworker had her friend bring me anbesol maximum strength and it works amazingly well! Yay!

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#5 Post by PARR »

all the remedies are right in these posts! keep hydrated, salt water rinses, wax, advil, ambesol, etc.

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