Do You Try To Hide Your Braces?

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Do You Try To Hide Your Braces?

#1 Post by NYG2007 »

I have had braces on for five days and so far I am surprised I wasn't embarrassed of them. I don't mind showing my teeth to people. Even on the first day. I thought I was going to be embarrassed of them, but I guess I went with the attitude of who cares. I was worried about what people were going to think before I got them. The day I got them it didn't seem like the braces were a big deal.
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#2 Post by ¤sabrina¤ »

i dont try to hide mine but i try not to smile too big for people to see my extraction gaps :oops:
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#3 Post by Whitters »

Initially I tried my best to cover 'em up. Actually for quite a while people didn't even notice that I had braces.
Now, I could care less, I'm no longer so self-conscience about it (unless I'm around a person I like :oops: )
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#4 Post by Thathrill »

I have ceramic braces and people always told me that they can't tell that I have them. I recently received xrays for my oral surgery work up the other day and the xray tech made a comment about how she didn't even notice them.

When I was first braced I was embarrassed. I tried to cover them up but soon realized that no one noticed them. They did notice that I had trouble talking with them. LOL Took me a good week to get used to talking well enough for people to understand me. On the first day of being braced (literally 30min after my appointment) a bracket broke off. My speech was so bad that the secretaries didn't understand a word from my voicemail message. They were waiting for me to call back. LOL
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#5 Post by purpleteeth »

I did for the first 5min, when I was in the office and was going up front after I had them put on --- everyone was wanting to see them, yadda yadda yadda :) The office staff is really intimate and friendly with their patients... and I had just had my eval the day before, so they "remembered me"! I felt embarrassed and covered my mouth with my hand. I was told to put my hand down NOW because if I started hiding them that way, I would never stop.

I was fine after I left the office, however a little embarassed --- but I knew to not hide them with my hand or anything. They stuck out of my mouth and I'm a "usual smiler" - so I couldn't really HIDE them.

Now, I totally smile big every chance I get. My smile has become even bigger than it was before and I love showing off my braces smile!

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#6 Post by NYG2007 »

I realized that if I could survive work. The rest would be easy. My co-workers and I make fun of each other all the time. I was surprised how everyone thought it was cool. A lot of people were like, "good for you."
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#7 Post by NYG2007 »

I realized that if I could survive work. The rest would be easy. My co-workers and I make fun of each other all the time. I was surprised how everyone thought it was cool. A lot of people were like, "good for you."
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#8 Post by landela »

I don't try to hide my braces at all. I actually kinda like how I look with them. I always smile like I did before I had braces, and if anyone says anything, its always a positive comment. I just saw my favorite band last week for the first time since I got braces and I totally expected at least one of them to say something. None of them did, so when I had one of them in my car to go out afterwards I pointed them out, and he was like, "Oh had that one crooked tooth." I don't think its worth hiding them because they're part of who I am right now, so I figure I might as well make the most out of them instead of trying to hide them and being unhappy about them.

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#9 Post by catfish »

I only hide them when I'm eating, before I have a chance to go to the restroom to tidy up. I'm really hiding any food that might be exposing itself, not the braces. The rest of the time I would say I am showing them, not hiding them. I have to smile bigger so my lips clear the brackets!
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#10 Post by acd »

I never smiled showing my teeth before I got braces but recently I have. We had a family portrait done recently and I stood there proudly showing my braces for the first time. The way I see it I look a lot better with braces now than I did before I got them.

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#11 Post by chef »

not worth worrying about hiding. no one cares.

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#12 Post by artroxu »

I was never concerned with hiding my braces. Once I decided to go with all metal (due to size of brackets) I knew that there was no point in trying. I love to smile and do it all the time, and alot of ppl have mentioned how braces seem to "suit" me. *shrugs*

I figure I have alot more worthwile things to worry about than what someone may think about my braces.

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#13 Post by funshine »

Nah...I smile bigger with them than I did before them.

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#14 Post by BarbieGirl »

I was at a family reunion and tried to hide them but I am a smiley kind of person so I got caught in the end since I couldn't stop smiling. My family and even co-workers said "good for you". Others have said "I will be glad in the long run" and my good friend said I am her inspiration to get braces. Her 10 year old son on the other hand said she would be an embarrassment to him if she got braces. Kids, right? 2 weeks into have braces, I could care less who thinks what. Be proud of your braces...we have all waiting far too long for them.
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#15 Post by MamaRoo »

I don't hide mine ever... I actually smile more and talk more now that I have them on... I hated the way that my teeth looked before... and now that they are aligning they way they should be... I am going to show them off... :D

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