teaching with braces

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teaching with braces

#1 Post by nellen »

I'm a teacher also and I've had very little difficulty speaking. I have had trouble with sore spots from my braces rubbing on my cheeks, so use the wax and it should be okay.

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#2 Post by nellen »

sorry, wrong place

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#3 Post by purpleteeth »

There should be no problem with you teaching in braces. My roommate took many of her methods classes in college while in braces, which included teaching -- no issues at all, even with the elementary reading classes (sometimes pronouncation was an issue, but it was understandable).

I have seen teachers with braces and it isn't a big deal. Appointments are just made "after school hours" when possible, just like the kids.

I talk for a living as an operator for the deaf and braces have made my speaking kinda funny sometimes. I just make sure I move my mouth more and more over the brackets and try and "over pronounce" my words - despite how silly it looks or sounds. I usually just have trouble following adjustments now...

Yes, wax is wondermus!!

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teaching with braces

#4 Post by braced at 49 »

I am a substitute teacher and the kids love the fact I have braces. They ask me to smile so they can see and tell me their stories about getting braces soon(the younger ones) .The older ones who are already braced tell me its cool to see a teacher with braces.

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#5 Post by nimo »

When I was in eighth grade I had a teacher with braces. It was unusual seeing an adult with them, but I think the real reason I noticed so much was because I wanted braces for myself so badly. People noticed (I remember the students talking to her about problems with their braces, relating experiences.), but it wasn't a big deal.
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#6 Post by jennielee81 »

Kids loved it when I had braces. It was a "bonding point". I teach middle schoolers and every "in" I could use, I used!

Now that they're off, I feel a little disconnected from the kids. They don't believe that I had them only a year and a half ago. My relationship with the students is really not the same. :wink: but it is still a good one...

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! :lol:
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#7 Post by abcdebbie »

I teach Kindergarten and the fall session will start about 6 days after I get my bottom braces placed. I hope to quickly be able to talk around them. I worry about teaching the wrong pronunciations for the letter sounds.

The tops were placed before school was out for summer. The kiddos loved my braces. My brackets rubbed me raw on the days I talked alot. Wax was my best friend, I even had to borrow some from a 5th grader...
Time will tell!!!


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