Inman aligners

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Re: Inman aligners

#1891 Post by Izzy23 »

Yeah that's normal , best thing to do is stick to soft foods or just use your back teeth. But at least you know the brace is working !

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Re: Inman aligners

#1892 Post by tommy33496 »

Hello im new here I've had my Inman aligner on for 4 weeks tomorrow I've seen a massive difference in movement and I don't think my teeth are far off being done.
I've only one problem which is that the tooth with the composite on which is my left front tooth has got about 2mm longer has anyone else had this problem?
my dentist said she can sort it out but im worried it might stay that way.

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Re: Inman aligners

#1893 Post by hector30 »

I had my Inman fitted on Wednesday.

I feel far from glamorous with this contraption in my mouth that's for sure and am plagued with doubts etc which make me wonder what I have gotten myself into, is really helpful to read some experiences of people further forward in there journey.

Would like to know how long per day people have been managing to wear theirs and how you feel this has affected you treatment time? and also at what point you first looked at your teeth and noticed they had moved.

I struggle to leave mine alone when it comes to the bar at the front and find myself constantly wondering should it be high towards my gums or low towards edge of teeth?

Would be very grateful for some insights :)

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Re: Inman aligners

#1894 Post by inmanthedan »

Hi Everyone,

I got my Inman back in January and wore it for 4 weeks and then stopped...very silly but I have started to wear it again. My brother is a dentist so he will do my checkups. I have forgotten how bulky it was but I want my teeth sorted.
I will let you all know how it goes

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Re: Inman aligners

#1895 Post by emilyvonstroodle »

Hello all!

I am three weeks into my inman aligner, and so far have not noticed any movement. The pain and sensitivity has subsided now thankfully, as brushing became a dreaded fear morning and night!!

My speech is laughable, but I had a clear retainer in for 3 weeks prior to the Inman, as one of my lateral incisors needed pushing out, so I think my friends and family are used to be sounding daft!

I have been given 12 weeks as an estimate of treatment, but I reckon it will take at least a month longer, as cannot wear it whilst at work.

Cannot wait to be brace free, and also looking forward to the whitening stage!

I hadn't taken any photos thus far as too ashamed of my teeth, but having read a few posts on here I see it is good motivation as you get further along in treatment, so I shall start a collection :)

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Re: Inman aligners

#1896 Post by mariemorley85 »


Thought id share my experience with you.

I started my treatment with an arch expander. I wrote this for around 4-6 weeks. Was probably ready for next stage at 4 weeks however I got married abroad so set me back a couple of weeks. The arch expander was very difficult to speak with. This got hugely better with the wax but was still very self conscious especially at work as work on telephone all day!
After abot 3 weeks I stopped wearing it at work however my teeth still moved and created space in around 4 weeks. After the wedding I changed to the inman aligner. I didn't even attempt to wear this at work! Wore all night then took out at 9. Then popped in from about 1.15 til 2 then was out again til 5 then just removed for dinner and wore through the night. I was amazed at how quick this worked especially with how much it wasn't in my mouth! Id say with in 3 weeks they were almost there. My only regret is that didn't start the process sooner as then my teeth would be done for weffing. Anyway had check up on 4th week she agreed was ready gor wire. Only thing is this means another two weeks wearing the aligner whilst wire was made.
Then a week after the wire started the whitening stage. I was amazed by the whitening. Polarday I was given with moulded trays.

My teeth were awful to start. My frontright tooth crossed the left one and jutted out. Also my left vampire tooth stuck out a hugely from the rest. Basically looked a mess. I am happy to email pics to anybody who wants to see as not sure how to upload on here.

Unless someone explains then il do that!

My experience was good. The only pain I experienced at all was on the second day with the aligner. Was agony for about one minute after reinserting but passed quick and next day was fine.

I also found with expander alone was amazing. My teeth were so bad that the expander seperated the front teeth and was happy with them before the aligner. But then after the aligner was just perfect.

Any questions please ask :)

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Re: Inman aligners

#1897 Post by mariemorley85 »

Reply to Emily, i have a private messgae from you but it wont let me open it! Email me on



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Re: Inman aligners

#1898 Post by Lea »

Hello everyone, just thought I'd update my experience with you all as I started my treatment back in 2010, and, at the time, would have liked to have read some posts from people with more long term experience of the Inman aligners. I would say that mine took a lot longer than was initially told ( you can see my progress photos on page 68) and finished up with the clear plastic retainers, of which I had to buy 3 sets to get to the "end result". I use that term loosely, because, even now, I still need to wear the plastic retainer for a few nights a week to maintain the end result. If I don't, I can notice my teeth 'slipping' back. Having said this, nobody else would EVER notice! It doesn't actually bother me having to still wear the clear retainer at night every now and again, just want you all to be aware that this is a possibility...
A few other little things you might want to consider if you haven't yet embarked on the Inman journey...firstly, I was quite discreet about having the aligner with my friends, and I have been surprised at how very little they noticed the change in my teeth! Makes me realise now how perhaps I had 'magnified' the 'problem' in my own head and that for the money I spent, nobody has really noticed a thing! So if you are in two minds, it might be worth considering the amount of money versus how little attention the people who matter to you and care about you actually pay to your teeth!
But, having said that, overall I don't regret spending the money or going through the treatment at all- despite the need to still wear clear retainer each week. I would have spent forever wondering and I feel they may have got worse, as my mum's did as she got older... And although no one else notices the subtle change in my smile, and I wonder if there is a big change or not, if I run my tongue over the front of my teeth, I can feel a big change, because I remember I used to do this before and hate the way those two teeth felt.
I still have a blob of composite that is permanent at the back of one tooth (was told this was to aid the clear retainer hold in the right way- still puzzles me why, because i thought the whole point of having the series of three retainers were to do the final tweaks, so surely they are custom made?) and my dentist also put a bit on the front to close a tiny miniscule gap left over at the end (which I hate to worry you but I strongly believe it was created from some of the filing that was done on that particular tooth, but I don't like to think about it too much as it angers me a bit) which has recently fallen off... If I could be bothered I'd go back to dentist but as I'm 41 weeks pregnant at the moment it's the least of my worries! :yikes:
Anyway, I'll try to post some ' 3 years on' photos when the sleepless nights have calmed down! Any questions, ill try to keep checking back at least soon, hope this helps! :D

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Re: Inman aligners

#1899 Post by Helenp »

Hi I am new to this forum, I have been following for about a week and have decided to take d plunge. I have an app for this day next week, I an living in Ireland and my local dentist is doing d IA can't believe my luck, I priced them today and they said it would cost €1300 which sounds really good.. I have a problem with my front tooth which is been pushed outwards so hopefully it won't take too long.. Will post next week and let ye know how I get on..

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Re: Inman aligners

#1900 Post by emilyvonstroodle »

Had my IA 6 weeks and no movement whatsoever! Been to see dentist today who's repositioned composite blobs.

If no further movement at next appointment in 2 weeks, then she's going to send it back to lab to be reset.

This has put a big delay in my treatment. Fed up and want it all to be over and done with!

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Re: Inman aligners

#1901 Post by Greg86 »

Hi everyone, this is my first post. Just want to share my experience so far.

I've had my IA in a little over 3 weeks and seen no improvement so far. I have an expander fitted to as my two outer incisors are crowded behind my front two. I'm not concerned there's been no improvement yet but one of my outer incisors seems like it's rotated inwards a bit which makes it look worse. I MIGHT just be imagining this as I didn't take any pics before. Is this possible? Thanks

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Re: Inman aligners

#1902 Post by Squib »

Hello everyone, I'm getting my IA in 3 weeks time and I'm pretty nervous - One of the things I'm most nervous about is having to get composite blobs as obviously half the point of a removable brace is having the opportunity to go out without anyone knowing you're fixing your teeth! Does everyone have to get these? Are they noticeable? Thanks!

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Re: Inman aligners

#1903 Post by emilyvonstroodle »

Hi Squib.

I think most of us have composite blobs as it aims the direction of force towards certain teeth.

For me I have two on the back of my teeth and one on my front left one (should really learn the proper names of the teeth haha). I wouldn't say any of mine are noticeable, as my front one is barely there and they try to colour match to your teeth as best as possible.

They take some getting used to for the first week, but after that you soon forget you have them.
Hope this helps :)

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Re: Inman aligners

#1904 Post by surge »

Has anyone had success with more extreme cases? I want to fix my teeth so bad, but can't (OK won't) do traditional braces. I'm so afraid to see a dentist and be told that traditional braces are the only thing that will work... Its just my 4 front teeth, but they are all sorts of messed up...

Penny pen
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Re: Inman aligners

#1905 Post by Penny pen »

Hi everyone

I've been reading these posts with great interest as I've just had IA's fitted yesterday. I've got an aligner on my bottom and top teeth at the same time but wearing them both makes speech just about impossible! From reading the posts most people only wear one set at a time so I was wondering if anyone else has two sets?

I had to take the top set out while I was at work today and just wore the bottom set, I'm a bit disappointed at how bulky and intrusive the aligners are and I know it'll take longer for them to work if I can't wear them for the recommended time. However, it's been great reading everyone's success stories on here, a great encouragement for us newbies so keep them coming!

Right, better go and stick the blighters back in now, just had my tea so it was a nice respite but can't put it off any longer...

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