Inman aligners

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#646 Post by Lea »

Hi Everyone,

I had my aligner fitted a couple of weeks ago (in the UK). I was supposed to have some composite blobs put on the front and back of my upper teeth but I didn't want to have them on as I was getting married and they would've been visible on our wedding photos. I was wearing it only at night and was happy with where both the front and back sections were applying the pressure, it seemed to me to be in the right places.

However, I've been back to my dentist since coming off honeymoon and they've applied the composite blobs I was supposed to have from day one - and I'm really not happy with these as the front blob is very visible to me and the back blob seems to be preventing the back bar from making contact with any of the other teeth, so I've got visions of it only pushing this left front tooth forward, leaving the right one where it is!!! I did raise this point with my dentist but they've said it's how it is supposed to be, but I'm really not convinced.

I'm persevering with wearing it (three days now) and this particular tooth does feel very sensitive now when I take the brace out. But the rest of my teeth are literally not being touched. Did anyone else feel that their brace did not fit in the right places to start? Did this change over time ? Is it that I just don't understand how the forces have to work to move the teeth and should I just trust my dentist? I get the feeling that I'm only the second case they've treated with the Inman.... (they do have a very good reputation for everything else they've done however)

I've read all the posts over the past few weeks, thank you so much, they've been really helpful. I am really excited when I see how successful they've been, I hope my case will turn out like this too, but at the moment I feel worried ... :?

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#647 Post by hotsteve »

Just thought I'd say a quick "hi" - after years of considering braces treatment (I didn't get it done as a teen!) I've had my first consultation about having Inman Aligners. I came across this thread, and it seems to be one of the best on the web - been really informative for me so figured I should contribute too :)

I met the ortho for a 'free' consultation the other day, suprisingly at a dentist round the corner from me who were doing a special offer on Inmans - £900 per arch. In total with retainers, xrays etc, it will come to a price of £1100 per arch. I figured this was a good deal - what do you guys think??

After meeting him he said he could treat me, and could take the moulds straight away. So I went ahead and did that. Just waiting a week or two for them to come back from the lab - so it's given me a little time just to consider whether I should go ahead. I don't have much money, and my teeth arent THAT bad lol. But I figured if its been 10 years and I'm still considering getting it done, then I don't want to wait another 10 years!!

I'll be getting both top and bottom done (!!) which from this thread sounds like it could be a nightmare haha. He assures me one of his current patients has both done and its really not that bad. We shall see...!! Thankfully I'm not in work at the moment, so I don't have to worry about wearing them in the workplace! I'm not too bothered, I don't normally embaress easily so it should be fine lol. My two upper front teeth are rotated outwards slightly and goof out slightly at a slant. My lower front has one tooth pushed out in front of the other 3. I know the IA's should rotate the upper fronts, but I'm hoping this will also bring them in closer to my mouth - ie move them lingually - though I didnt ask the dentist if this was the case!

Anyway, thanks to all previous posters, and I will keep you all updated with my story :)

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#648 Post by Jus »

shellbelle wrote:Hi everybody,
I hope you are all getting on ok with your inman aligner. I have had mine fo just over a week now. Very difficult to talk which i dont mind with my friends and family but at work i find it quite embarrasing but feel very proud of myself as i forced myself to wear it at work and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. I work as cabin crew and therefore meet new people everytime i go to work but so far all my work colleagues have been very encouraging and supportive.
Just a question, if anyone can help, when i first got the aligner it really hurt putting it in and taking it out and i could really feel the pressure on my teeth. But although ive only had it for just over a week that feeling has gone. Im worried that i may have inadvertantly loosened the appliance. Or is this possibly because my teeth have slightly moved already?
Thanks for your responces in advance.

Hi Shellbelle.
I've had my IA on for now 8 days, and I got the exact same question (worries?) as you; in the very beginning it hurted so badly to take it in and out. Actually it felt so bad that I almost considered not to eat during all this treatment time, in order not to take it out!!!! ;-)
But suddenly yesterday it struck me that there actually no longer were any pain (more or less) involved in taking it in and out of the mouth!
I have my second appoitment at the ortho in monday, where she'll have to fit it and then I'll ask her aswell if this is a sign on that the teeth have moved and if they're no longer feeling any real pressure...
Anyway I'm thinking about asking her if it would be a good idea to get the IA fitted every 10 days instead of every 2 weeks, like she in the very beginning said.
Is there anyone of you here who are getting their adjusted more than once every 2 weeks?

Hope to hear from you:-)
And good luck to all of you..

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#649 Post by Suzesu »


At last my treatment is started :D . In preperation for my IA I have a small brace behind my teeth to push them a little to create more space for the movement the IA will give. I have only had this for a day so far and was wondering when the lithp will go? if at all? would appreciate any shared experience.

This brace is so tiny I think I am getting a little more nervous to how the IA will affect my speech - I can put up with the laughter when I talk but would be nice to sound a bit closer to normal!

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#650 Post by Jus »

Suzesu wrote:Hi

At last my treatment is started :D . In preperation for my IA I have a small brace behind my teeth to push them a little to create more space for the movement the IA will give. I have only had this for a day so far and was wondering when the lithp will go? if at all? would appreciate any shared experience.

This brace is so tiny I think I am getting a little more nervous to how the IA will affect my speech - I can put up with the laughter when I talk but would be nice to sound a bit closer to normal!
Congratulations on your IA :-)

Well about the speeking then in my case it hasn't improved that much. I mean I can hear that it's sometimes sounds better (all depending on the exact word) when it comes to T's. But S's are totally impossible!!!! :D

I'm normally a very outgoing person and looove to spend time outside meeting friends or doing shopping, but i actually haven't been outside at all since i got the IA...out of fear to meet someone that I know -and have to speak with!!! :wink: But that's just me feeing foolish :crazy:
But I do wear it at work, when I know that I don't have to speak...:-)

Is there anyone else out there like me?? :D

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#651 Post by Lea »

Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I've been wearing my IA for a week now and taken it out this morning and I can see that my teeth have moved!!! It's amazing! Very excited!
I'm still hating the composite blob on the front of one of my teeth - went out last night and allowed myself a break from the IA, spent all evening being really conscious about it, trying to hide it but then my friend spotted it and pointed it out in front of everybody. Cringe. But this morning's noticeable difference has just made it worth it!
My only issue now is the positioning of the IA in my mouth - it still is not touching the other two teeth on the opposite side that have the same problem. I don't understand how they're going to move if the IA is not even touching them!
Anyway, at the moment just so pleased I can see a difference! And so quickly too! Amazing!

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#652 Post by Jus »

Hi Lea

So nice to hear that you already at this point have been able to see results...that really motivates one, right? :D
I've been wearing mine for 2 weeks now, and are getting it fitted tomorrow at the ortho. I'm really excited for it! I can already see a big difference myself aswell..hope she will too :D
But like you mentioned about that the you don't feel that it's touching the inside of your teeth- the same feeling I got! In my case it's the one next to my front teeth, that's reaching a couple of mm. more on the inside than the rest of my teeth.. Does it make sense? :wink:
Ive mentioned this to my ortho but she said that it's allright and that it IS touching! But it's wired cause now 2 weeks later I see a big difference on both of my frontteeth and on one of the other teeth next to the front, but on the one reaching inside I can't see any difference....yet?! :roll:
But let's see what she can find out tomorrow about my progress...
I have my fingers crossed that everything is going in the right direction...and hopefully fast! :D

Good night to all of you! :-Z :-}

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#653 Post by hotsteve »

Ive just had a bit of a major setback now :/ After having the moulds done, the IA lab has come back and said one of my incisors is causing too much trouble for the treatment - I could still have it done, but it would mean way too much IPR (tooth slimming) on the incisor, arch expanders, plus a fair few invisalign-style braces afterwards. The ortho said he doesnt feel confident doing such signficant treatment and said he can refer me onto someone else, but tbh I really don't think I want to go through all that (esp with the extra expense it will be!).

Ive asked if it can be done without realigning the incisor as its only the front teeth I'm concerned with anyway. If not, then my IA story ends here :(

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#654 Post by jade1986 »

Hi everyone!

Hope you don't mind me joining in, I have found more inormation on IA on this forum than anywhere on the net.

I went to my dentist about Invisalign and about Inman Aligners and they sais that IA would work faster which really drawed me to get it.

I got a qoute for 3000 pounds which was for the IA and the clear brace for bottom teeth and the retainer, does anyone think this is overpriced?? I went ahead with it and I am due to go for the mould fitting on Thursday 7th September.

I was told this IA would work in 9 weeks?

Thanks in advance

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#655 Post by Lea »

Hi Jus
Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it!

It's really stange that you're feeling that it's not touching one particular tooth and yet your dentist says it is - I went for my check up a few days ago and I brought this up too but my dentist said pretty much the same - well, they said that my teeth would move at different rates and that I should not be worried. I felt like saying "Well, if the aligner is not touching them at all of course it's going take a lot longer for them to move!!!"

Anyway, on the plus side , the dental stripping that i was absolutely dreading having to have done - I was desperately trying to convince the dentist that I didn't need it (like I know best, ha ha!) but dentist wasn't having any of it, turned out to be fine! Even though I did try my best to be a drama queen and panic over it, it was actually completely fine and not in the slightest bit painful - it was a bit like having your nails filed, that sort of feeling.

And then last night I was buzzing because my husband took me out for a meal after being away for a week and all of a sudden he stopped me in mid-conversation and went "Oh my God, your left tooth has gone a lot straighter!" With him being away the difference seemed great to him - I suspected it was moving, but wasn't sure if it was partly my imagination, but that has really given me a boost again!

The only downside is the horrible blob of composite on my front tooth that is making me very self-conscious when I've not got the IA in. But after last night, I am spurred on to keep going because I know it is working! It is not in the least bit painful either!

My dentist also very kindly showed me the cast(?) of another patient's teeth that they had recently treated and completed the week before - the before and after was amazing! I'd had my doubts that they'd not done many cases before mine (if any) but now my mind is at ease over this too.

Anyway, will keep you posted - I'm not due back for a check up for another 2&half weeks. Hope everyone's experiences are going according to plan! Would really appreciate it if anyone is close to finishing if they can keep posting even after completion please - I'm interested in how people feel about treatment 6 months down the line, a year on, etc... do you still wear the plastic brace? Do your teeth move or feel wobbly?

Sorry I've probably taken up a whole page here!!! Stop waffling Lea!

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#656 Post by Lea »

Hi Jade, in answer to your question I can't really comment because I've only got the IA only so far for my top teeth. I've not had to have an expander and have not yet paid for the clear brace that I think I'll need at the end of treatment. So far it has been about half of what you're paying if that helps at all?
Lea :)

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#657 Post by jade1986 »

Hi Lea,

Thanks for replying, means so much.

Having read through your last post it has enlighten me a little bit, I am a bit concerned about the composite you relate to that is on your teeth even when you take the IA out it is still visible, does this composite have to be used in every case as when I take the brace out I don't want anyone to be able to see anything at all, if you get what I mean?


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#658 Post by drrick »

If there is one tooth that is very far back or forward it is very possible that the aligner is onloy hitting the one tooth. that tooth needs to mover to the point that it 'catches up' with the others. then the bow will hit the teeth more evenly. This is normal.

The composiote bumps are not used in every case. They are typically placd on the back of the upper teeth. Only fairly recently have they been used on teh front of the teeth. Personally I have never done that, but I know Dr. Tif Quereshi (who is the expert with this appliance) is doing it now.
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#659 Post by shellbelle »

Hi everyone,
sorry I haven't not been on the site for a while. Thanks jus for replying to my message. I asked my dentist about not feeling the pressure and he said it was because my teeth are use to the pressure and also because they had already slightly moved. I had a check up appiontment today, where my dentist took a photo of my teeth and we compared it against my initial moulds and I can definately see that my teeth have moved slightly. This has given me great encouragement and am
very excited for the end result. Although I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week and have been honest with my dentist in saying that I won't be wearing it out at night time but will wear it whilst sleeping and sunbathing :-)
my speech has barely improved to be honest, but I've gone past the point of caring too much. I just explain that I have a brace and people normally tell me their own tales of when they had a brace so it makes me feel
much more at ease.
Well good luck to you all for your treatment time. I am half way through mine so will message again in a few weeks to give another update.

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Inman Aligner

#660 Post by tootsmc76 »

Hi has any got the Inman Aligner fitted in Bachelor's Walk, Lisburn? If so, can you please advise if you would recommend this dentist? Thanks

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