Coming Off Soon! Pics from Beginning and Today!

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Coming Off Soon! Pics from Beginning and Today!

#1 Post by Gennel »

These are a few awful and great progress pics lol. The only thing that was not possible is toget a perfect midline because of my central bottom incisor extraction. Iknow there are a lot of people that would go insane if the midline was off but Im not one of them.I am truly grateful for all the progress that I have had in almost 2 yrs. Iwill take new pics when I get them off and deffiantely post! Right now I am waiting for this adjustment in 8 weeks to see if the final "tweak" has been accomplished.If so then they will come off really soon!

My upper arch a few weeks after treatment began

Talk about not being able to bite down? This was after an bihelix was put to move my bottom molar upright..

My then tilted molars

This is as bad as it gets! My first day in braces. I wish I would have opened my mouth more butyou can see how severe mycase was


This was about 3 months later!

This was 5 months later,big improvement

This was August of 2007 when Ihad to have my lower insisor extracted due to boneloss.I knew this might happen but it was still traumatic for me

Today June 6,2008 .My smile. Notice the bottom midline is off due to the tooth in the bottom middle that was extracted.I could care less ,I never smile that big anyway.

My top arch,sorry for the blur!

Today June 6 2008 , my bottom arch pic is a bit blurry but you cansee my bottom arch is nice and round!


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#2 Post by jenny101101 »

Wow Gennel, your teeth look amazing! You've made terrific improvement and I must say, I love the gold braces!! Good luck at your next appt. I hope you get the debonding date you're hoping for...keep us posted.
Keep smilin'! :)

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HkyGrl s2k
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#3 Post by HkyGrl s2k »

Your teeth look awesome!! :D

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#4 Post by OhNicole »

You say you don't smile that big but I bet you will be :mrgreen: Your teeth look wonderful now and they are going to look even better with the braces off! Congrats on all your progress!
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#5 Post by Audra »

Very nice! Wow, what great progress. How exciting.

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#6 Post by Spidey »

WOW, your teeth look amazing and don't worry about the midline. You will have a beautiful smile!! Your teeth were very similar to mine, especially the #2s that did not attatch to the archwire at first... I had the same thing and spent my life looking like a vampire!! Always thought I had really long canines, but nope, they was just crookeded! haha

Good luck, hope everything goes according to plan. I am in my final months too (i hope) and cant wait to see pictures of your flashy pearly whites!

one thing we need to learn is to smile BIG!! :)) :lol:

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#7 Post by kirjax »

your teeth look amazing in such short time!!! CONGRATS!!


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#8 Post by ArchAngle »

Absolutely stunning result!!

Your actual physical teeth themselves are spectacular. I dare say people with aligned teeth pay thousands of dollars for veneers to achieve good looking teeth. It's bizarre to me you have such nice individual teeth yet there were all out of alignment. Simply a matter of aligning them and you are all set. I understand it is hereditary both good teeth and out of alignment teeth, my case with collapsed arches, while all the teeth themselves are straight and even, just leaning the wrong way, is due to a smaller lower jaw. In your case, do they know why they came out like that. Really your individual teeth are beautiful, and now they are all aligned, you look like you should have always looked. :D I'd be over the moon as I am sure you are. Just looks fantastic, 2 or 3 years out of I don't know how many and there you are.

I suspect your ortho may wish to do a before and after for his portfolio. Really your results are spectacular.

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#9 Post by SunnyO »

Gennel - Wow!! Your teeth look great. Like you and Spidey, I have lateral incisors that are currently not connected to the archwire. I can't wait for them to get hooked in and dragged into place! Thanks for sharing your progress. It's always nice to see the beautiful results. Can't wait to see the final pics.


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#10 Post by Lisa65 »

Hi Gennel, I remember you posting about that bihelix and how painful it was to upright your molars. I'm so glad you are almost done, and what a great result you have!

I look forward to seeing your final pics. Your results are truly inspiring.

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#11 Post by Maverick »

What an amazing change! Congrats!

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#12 Post by MsViola »

Wow, your teeth look great!! Did you request the gold brackets or does your ortho routinely use them?? They are cute!

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#13 Post by MsViola »

Ooops, double post!
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1/17/07 - Upper (Clear) & Lower (Metal - self ligatating) Braces
Estimated treatment time = 30-36 months

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#14 Post by Faerydust »

Wow, what dramatic results! And it's neat to see someone with gold braces! Your teeth look beautiful and you have a great smile! Can't wait to see your naked teeth pics!
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#15 Post by purpleteeth »

WOW!! They look great now and I love how you had the *gold* braces :shock: I don't think I have seen those around where I live --- they really really cool :D

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