Most painful part?

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Most painful part?

#1 Post by loveletteraway »

I just got my separators in on Monday, and they've been hurting really badly since then. What was the most painful part of the whole process?

Oh, and if anyone has any tips on relieving the pain caused by the spacers or the actual braces, I'd really appreciate it :D
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#2 Post by Gennel »

The spacers did hurt because you can't bite down and everytime you bite down you feel the pain. I can only tell you what I did.Eat soft foods only for at least 4 days.You just can't chew properly right now. I took Aleve to aleviate some of the sore pain but it does completely go away.

Ive had several "most painful" parts of the whole process lol. For me it was the bihelix that went under my tongue to push my two molars outward.I couldnt talk for almost 2 weeks .

Many here will agree that spacers are one of the biggest pains of the whole process. Expect to have some discomfort after some adjustments.Sometimes I felt fine and other appointments I was sore like 2 days . The main thing is that this will go away and is temporary.

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#3 Post by lionfish »

I didn't have the separators, which many people say is the worst part of the braces experience.

I'm with Gennel: there was some initial discomfort in the first couple of weeks, and sometimes after I had adjustments. The duration was never that long that I remember it being a problem.

The only time I took painkillers was when I started elastics and that was for 24 hours only. Other than that, I tried to chew my way through any discomfort because I found that it disappeared faster by doing so.

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#4 Post by MsViola »

Spacers were the most painful part for glad its over 8) . My suggestion is to take pain medication if needed and eat soft foods until your teeth become adjusted.

The braces were uncomfortable for awhile, but now I rarely notice them. My teeth are sometimes sore after adjustments, but never as bad as the spacers for me.

Good luck!

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#5 Post by Bracedin08 »

Well for me the spacers hurt the first day then it was cool after that. Then again my spacers were just small rubberbands but they did bother me. So far my only pain is chewing and the pressure of the braces. I've only had them one day :lol: But aleve before and after your bonding helps alot! I took one tablet an hour before and later on that night.

I will say I'm not looking forward to my first adjustment :shock: I know it's gonna hurt! lol

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#6 Post by catfish »

In order of pain, from worst to least:

1. The cold air on my exposed roots when the brackets were applied.
2. Spacers
3. Getting the thick wire on my lower teeth (about my 3rd adjustment).

Good luck!!
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#7 Post by adilap »

I just had an adjustment done yesterday and my mouth is sooo sore today. I have taken some pain pills but it is not helping. I am hoping tomorrow the soreness will start to go away.

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Re: Most painful part?

#8 Post by wearetheborg »

loveletteraway wrote:I just got my separators in on Monday, and they've been hurting really badly since then. What was the most painful part of the whole process?

Oh, and if anyone has any tips on relieving the pain caused by the spacers or the actual braces, I'd really appreciate it :D
Seperators were the most painful part for me. It was made worse by the fact that I did not know they were supposed to hurt. And I was told I should eat normally to make the soreness go away. Also I have a chocolate addiction. So I would eat chocolates, crying from the pain simultaneously. Image Broke rubber spacers twice, then they put in metal ones.

adilap, yes the adjustments also hurt. After my first few adjustments, it hurt to even bite a banana with my front teeth where the movement was taking place Image

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#9 Post by kittymeow84 »

Spacers were very very annoying but the worst pain I've had is my most recent adjustment. Not excruciating but frustratingly painful in such a way that all I could think about for three days was the soreness of my teeth.

But I think its a satisfying kind of ache and I only took one panadol the whole few days I was hurting.
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#10 Post by dubnobass »

Elastics with a heavy lower wire were pretty sore at first. I had jaw surgery as part of my treatment, and my post-op sore throat was the most painful thing about my treatment to date, followed closely by my upper brackets digging into my swollen cheeks enough to puncture the inside of my mouth.
Compared to that, spacers were a piece of cake!
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#11 Post by adilap »

My mouth is still sore from the adjustment on Wed. but I think the powerchains on my front teeth do not help either. I remember the spacers at first they did hurt until I got use to them being on.

Last night I wanted to rip off my braces but I kept telling myself about the end result. After that I was okay but the soreness just kills me.

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#12 Post by iBorg »

The amazing thing is that what seems the most painful part lasts only a few days, if that. I think the most painful part fr me is when things don't go as expected and the process seems to be as slow as moving teeth. (UGGGGGHH!)

I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
But who's counting?
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#13 Post by acd »

1. Spacers--I had them three different times but each time they got less painful.
2. Reverse Curve Archwire--The first few days were very difficult as well as when they removed it, but still not as bad as spacers.

The good news is that after a few days the discomfort from both went away.

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#14 Post by dugsmom »

I hear spacers are really painful. Thankfully I didn't get any. For me, the most painful part of the whole process was the adjustment. I had my first one a few weeks ago and it hurt while the assistant was putting on the wire which was so unexpected because it didn't hurt me the first time they put the wire on. I think she was new or something because it took her over an hour to get the wire on...she was putting sooooooo much pressure on one tooth that she popped off the bracket. I thought she was going to pop out my tooth. My teeth didn't hurt afterward except for the minor (very very minor) pain I've been experiencing when my teeth move a bit. Oh and when they put those chains on your feels like you've got a bad toothache for a few days.

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#15 Post by Lisa65 »

I found the separators more annoying than anything else. I kept wanting to bite down on them, and I couldn't leave them alone with my tongue.

The most painful part for me was when I got an inflammation round one of my microscrews. I also had a nance appliance and the swelling made the nance dig so hard into the roof of my mouth it felt like my head was going to explode :? Fortunately it was only for one day, I was on a camping trip at the time and had to come home so my ortho could remove the nance.

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