Who here is using In-Ovation® C braces? or Clarity SL?

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Who here is using In-Ovation® C braces? or Clarity SL?

#1 Post by JWDallas »

Hey all,

I am about to get braces...I am 31 and figure it is time to bite the bullet!

I need to decide between In-Ovation® C and the 3M Clarity SL braces.

The In-Ovation® C look better to me but I would like to see some pictures of others that are using them.

The pics online look like they are all clear but I think they use a metal door?

Feel free to post Clarity SL pics too. Are those less noticeable?

Please post away!

I will post mine, once I get them on! :)

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#2 Post by JWDallas »

I went to three diferent Orthos before choosing one.

I LOVE the one I finally ended up with. Great guy that knows his stuff and is always funny which helps.

He can get any type of braces for me so of course I want some clear self-ligating ones.

I am down to these two and will probably go with the In-Ovation Cs.

Just curious to see people in them.

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#3 Post by sauerkraut »

Can't manage pictures I'm afraid but I've got Inovation Cs for the social 6 & metal Rs everywhere else, and I agree that they're very discreet. Yes, they do have metal doors, and there will be the archwire plus any other metal hardware your ortho might use, so your braces won't be invisible. But I don't think people take that much notice anyway. If you can't decide, like Meryaten says take what your ortho recommends! :)

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#4 Post by kittymeow84 »

I've got the In-Ovation C's - check em out in my story (link below). Love them - very discreet and my ortho loves them too. :D
Clickies on the "WWW" to see my braces story :)


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#5 Post by gottadive »

I've had the clarity sl brackets on top for just over a month now. There are no "gates" on the front, so they disappear fairly well. I have found them to be very comfortable compared to standard metal brackets ... this is round two for me :-( About the only thing that is noticible is the archwire.

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#6 Post by mwp921 »

I've got In-Ovation C's on top. They do have shiny metal doors, but they aren't too noticeable. I don't know what the others you are referring to look like. My ortho only does In-Ovations.

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