are braces that bad??

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are braces that bad??

#1 Post by suetemi »

Sheesh. It's funny how I can get so worked up over dental/ortho issues as an adult in braces. I was just watching some makeover show where a woman opted to have 'instant orthodontics' instead of braces. It was frustrating because all that was wrong with her teeth was an overjet and some spacing issues (two gaps maybe 4-5 mm between upper cuspids and premolars), all of which were pretty mild and easily fixable. She could have probably done Invisalign if she was that self-conscious about braces. Her teeth were very healthy looking and white too. But the cosmetic dentist the show hooked her up with shaved all her natural teeth down to pegs and put a bunch of veneers on. I was pretty much yelling at the television (the fam thinks I'm insane) "what? you can't ruin natural, healthy teeth just because you don't want to wear braces! helloooo??" I mean, you only have one crack at having natural healthy teeth and to ruin them for cosmetic reasons just for instant satisfaction seems ridiculous.

:roll: Sorry, end of rant. Really, are braces so bad that it's worth sacrificing your natural teeth? No...!!!

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#2 Post by ohmyjaw »

Yah, I totally agree. A lot of these "quick fixes" just camoflage the underlying problems (like cross-bite, under-developed mandible, etc).
And some of the people I have seen on these shows obviously haven't taken care of their teeth - sometimes their own fault, sometimes not - but I always wonder whether they will take care of them after the show...

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#3 Post by Luella »

I agree with all 3 of ya'll! I would love veneers because I think my teeth aren't white enough- but they're like $1000 each and they usually have to be replaced every 10 years or so- I'm 23, so that would be a LOT of money every 10 years for the rest of my life- not cool. I think it's so stupid to do that to natural teeth in the first place!!!
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#4 Post by spookytooth »

In my opinion, part of the reason for this is because many make-over type shows can't wait a year (or more) for the "reveal" of the person's bright new smile. They suggest veneers for instant gratification and wow factor for the viewers.

Also, one has to wonder if someone is getting some kind of advertising kickbacks for encouraging veneer sales as opposed to braces...?

Destroying perfectly healthy teeth for the sake of a TV show makes me sad. :(

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#5 Post by catfish »

Click on WWW to see my braces story.

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#6 Post by Becca »

I totally agree with your rant. I've seen those shows, too, and I have NO idea why people would shave their teeth down to basically get "dentures". I mean, if my teeth were falling out, then I could understand..but HEALTHY teeth? Nope. I'm 25 and I've had braces for about 3 and a half months, now, and they are NOT that bad. In fact, I really don't even think about them any more. Not to mention the fact that I am completely AMAZED at how much my teeth have moved in just 3 months! And they're my real teeth, lol! 8)

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#7 Post by rolo »

I agree it's insane! Veneers just don't last, and sometimes they don't look that good either. And so expensive! If you are self concious then get cermaics, linguals or invisalign. The thing that really annoys me it that because of all of those shows, people know all about veneers, but a lot of adults know very little about orthodontic options. Several adults have commented that they didn't know you could get ceramic braces, or linguals. Okay so I can see the instant wow for TV, but it's a pity there aren't more magazine articles on orthodontic options, or even leaflets on different types on appliances in the general dentists waiting area.

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#8 Post by TheNewEmperor »

I agree with the OP but you's an 'instant' world these days - peeps seem to have forgotten what it is like to wait for anything...and even more so if a television station is part sponsoring work. It's all so shortsighted :cry:

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#9 Post by SunnyO »

Hi everybody. I just had to chime in on this one. I have been blessed with very healthy teeth (never a cavity), but they are crooked. I have had people ask me why I didn't just get veneers instead of braces. I respond "why would I want to ruin perfectly good teeth?" When my teeth are straight I am confident they will look beautiful and hopefully continue to be healthy. It seems we live in a society of instant gratification and people would rather take short cuts than put up with a little bit of discomfort. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.


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#10 Post by TumbleDryLow »

I had a friend who, upon my announcement that I was getting braces, looked at me quizzically and said," Why go though that? Just slap on some veneers!"

This thread reminded me that she loves that Extreme Makeover show. Now her reaction make much more "sense".

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#11 Post by betterlatethannever »

I have not yet been braced, but one thing I can see as a common denominator amongst most on this site it committment. It takes patience, time and for most of us, money to achieve the ultimate reward - which is a beautiful and real smile.

Most of these people we see 'made over' on Extreme Makeover, Oprah, etc. have neglected themeselves over the years for one reason or another (I'm not judging why) and they need a quick pick me up to feel alive again. I don't think they are thinking about down the road when those veneers need to be replaced or those highlights have to be touched up, etc.

Could you really see them being committed enough to make time for monthly appointments for adjustments?

The people on this site are a bunch of troopers who have done, or are doing the right thing to achieve their desired goal.

Just my thoughts...


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#12 Post by *melissa* »

I soo agree, vaneers are just so stupid!! How awesome would it be if there was a reality show that followed people and their braces journey?? You know that MTV show? It'd be...."True Life - I'm an adult with braces"...LOL now that would awesome to see the amazing difference braces can make in such a short amount of time!! I've only had mine for not even 3 months yet, and mine have moved SO much!

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#13 Post by MsViola »

I agree with everyone!! I think their should be a segment on these "makeover" shows that talks about what happens after you get the "quick fix". I bet that would make some people think twice about doing stuff for the camera.

Maybe they should give them a fake covering for their teeth to wear for the show that will look like what their teeth will look like when they are finished. I just bet braces would be cheaper than veneers for most of those people.

*melissa*: A reality show would be great!! Where do we sign up? :lol:

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#14 Post by MsViola »

Oh my goodness! I am watching "10 years younger" and the doctor said something about veneers being for older people who don't want to wear braces like there kids. :shock:

The woman they put them on had crooked teeth and gum loss issues also. Won't veneers add to her gum loss???

I wanted to start yelling at the TV too!!! I also noticed they did not show how her teeth looked after being "shaved" down. Also, how do these people talk so clearly after having veneers slapped in their mouth :?:
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1/17/07 - Upper (Clear) & Lower (Metal - self ligatating) Braces
Estimated treatment time = 30-36 months

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#15 Post by nellen »

I think those shows are just ads for plastic surgery/ cosmetic procedures. Notice how no one ever had a bad response to any procedure?

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