Hi, just got braced, just a question

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Hi, just got braced, just a question

#1 Post by KidKenobi »

Hi everyone, 22 year old guy here who just got braced today for the first time on my uppers.

Just a question:

1. My ortho has only put brackets on my front 6 at the top and has said that I don't need any of my other teeth at the top bracketed, just have the wire around the rest because they are already pretty much in place. Is this unusual? Anyone here think it might not be as effective if it's just the canine to canine that is braced or if it is done often?

Thanks in advance.

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#2 Post by retainerjoe »

hi , it is done on some, IF you don't need a lot of work done, an it sounds like you may be one of those lucky ones , congrats on getting started
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#3 Post by kittymeow84 »

Sounds like you don't have any serious bite problems. If your molars all line up correctly and are all angled nice then there is no need to put them in braces.
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#4 Post by MsViola »

Lucky you!!!

Welcome and congrats on being braced :-)o

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#5 Post by KidKenobi »

Thanks everyone, good to get started on something I should have had as a teen but couldn't for financial reasons but better late than never I guess. :D

Also a question on painkillers. I've heard from a couple of people who believe that taking them slows down teeth movement. Anyone know if there's any truth to that or just an urban legend because although I want to get this done ASAP I also would like to get some pain relief at the same time too.

Thanks again.

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#6 Post by rolo »

Congratulations on getting started!

Painkillers, slowing tooth movement urban myth. I'm a pharmacist, I cannot think of any biochemical basis slowing down movement of teeth. If it were the case there would have to a mention in the product license. There are drugs that can affect tooth movement, but not painkillers.

Some painkillers eg aspirin are not recommended immediately following extractions due to increased risk of bleeding, maybe that's where the myth came from, or no pain no gain perhaps? Either way go ahead and take something, most people find pain worse if the first week.

Good luck with the rest of your journey.

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#7 Post by catfish »

I asked a similar question recently. You might want to check out the thread.

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#8 Post by tryinthis2 »

I have the same - first 6 on top and wire all the way back and also first 6 on bottom but no wire- just molar bands.

I think it's the difference between full treatment and partial depending on your needs.

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