Hey, I'm new to this!

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Hey, I'm new to this!

#1 Post by Cali*girl »

So it may seem pretty typical that I'm asking this question but I'm getting braces next week and I've heard so many different things about the colors! I am not very happy I'm getting them so I don't want them to be that noticeable, if that's even possible! People say not white because the stain, I know clear would be best but I don't have that option. I was thinking about gray or silver what does anyone think?

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#2 Post by Spidey »

clear stains very easily.

silver is barely noticeable.. just my opinion

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#3 Post by Nervous »

I was using white for a long time until the assistant said to me "Well, if you want them to be less noticeable, you should use silver not white". I'd recommend going with silver.
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Miss Smiley
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#4 Post by Miss Smiley »

Cali*girl, honestly, no one will really pay attention to your braces no matter what color. If you make it into a big fuss, then others will be more likely to say anything about it. I've had silver, smoke, light pink, dark pink, hot pink, turquoise, and clear. I think I liked all of them but right now I've had clear for a while because my ortho likes how they're working and they haven't been staining as bad as before. I last 3 weeks until my ligs get dingy but it's not noticeable to others.
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#5 Post by landela »

I have silver, and you can't even tell there are bands on them. I wanted them to be as least noticable as possible, which is pretty difficult seeing as how my mouth is full of metal, but I think the silver keeps them from standing out more than colored bands do and you don't have to worry about them staining.

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#6 Post by Steel »

They are going to be noticible period.My approach was if I am wearing braces,I might as well not try and hide them.Go for the metal ones...they look and feel great

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#7 Post by holly0841 »

I dont even wear the colors I just have the braces. I feel like I may be too old for them =) You do not have to choose any, just see what you think once you get them on and go from there.
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#8 Post by Katt »

I have colors on mine and people still stop and are like you have braces. I also now have a clear power chain across the top and it stains like crazy and is just as noticeable as when I had colors.

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#9 Post by SunnyO »

I guess I'm the exception, but my clear ligs aren't stained. I had them for 5 weeks before they were replaced at my first adjustment and the assistant even commented on how clear they still were. But, I almost always brush my teeth right after eating.

My friend's daughter has the white ones and I think they are pretty noticable. Silver is less visible in my opinion.

Why is clear not an option? Your ortho does not offer them?

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#10 Post by TigerLily »

I have wire tires or wire ligatures - ask your ortho if they'll do them for you. My ortho just put them on when I had my braces and when I asked don't I get ligs she said no she used wire as ligs always stained. But some have said on here their ortho will only do them for 'clinical need'

But I have had ligs on a couple of brackets due to positioning at one point as well as the odd powerchain. But only clear (never been offered a choice) and boy was I glad to get back to wire ties.

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#11 Post by erikamsu2006 »

Hey, I suggest tooth-colored ligs, I have those and they are not really noticeable.

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#12 Post by Bekah »

When I started I got smoke colored ligs and had them for 5 weeks. They didn't stain at all! At my last ajustment I got black. Funny thing was no one noticed I had gotten colored ligs until I brought it to thier attention! I like the black because they make my teeth look whiter.

Again just an opinion.
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#13 Post by *melissa* »

I have had braces for almost 3 months now and so far I've tried clear, periwinkle, and pearl (tooth colored.) Clear looks the best but stains soooo fast. It will turn a bright yellow color...yuck!
Periwinkle is my fav as far as being the most invisible. (You can take a look at my braces journal in the link below to check out the colors I am mentioning.) Periwinkle looks like very very light bluish type color but turns invisible on your teeth/ceramic braces. But, it stains after a few weeks. Most of the time it ends up turning a very noticable 'aquamarine' color...
Right now I am on 'pearl' and so far, it has not stained yet!!! :D Of course I am being very careful...but last night I had BBQ and theyre still white!! Woohoo :mrgreen:

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#14 Post by MsViola »

Cali: Don't worry about what others think have fun with this experience. You will be surprised at how many people will admire your courage. Several people I know are now considering braces.

Like so many have said, if people are looking they are going to notice whatever color you are wearing. I started out wearing clear powerchains and it was not a problem. Only the sides tended to become stained. Also my Ortho is good about letting you come in between visits to have "fresh" ligs and chains put on. I eventually got brave and tried colors at my Ortho's request. I was shocked at first and wanted them off and then I began to love it. My favorite color is hot pink. It is a great conversation starter. I have on silver right now ( they are trying to see if silver will work better since it is the sturdiest) and I want color back :!: :!: :!:

Good Luck!

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#15 Post by blindboarder2008 »

I don't have any colors on my braces, I have the ceramic bracets on the top and the metal bracets on the bottom with no colors. They mentioned that I would get to choose from a ray of different colors when i went in for my adjustments, but i haven't got any colors as of yet.
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