So frustrated with my dentist

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So frustrated with my dentist

#1 Post by lizm1118 »

I would really like some advice- in September, I went to my dentist about the large spaces between my teeth. I have always been self-conscious of the spaces, and I really wanted them fixed. He has done a lot of work in my mouth, and he is a cosmetic dentist. I originally wanted to have the teeth bonded or veneers; however, he said my gaps were too big. He recommended orthodontics. I asked if he could refer me to someone, but he said he would rather do the work. So - he put them on in September. Fast forward to today - I go in for my monthly adjustment, and he says it is about time to take the braces off. I was stunned. The gaps are nowhere near closed - they have hardly closed at all - and they are pretty sizable. I asked what he meant - and he said the gaps would never get much closer (I can fit a whole proxybrush in between them easily), and that I would need veneers on 8 teeth - all of which he would put on. I have sunk over 6000.00 in braces, and now he wants me to pay for 8 of which I truly can not afford. I was so upset I started crying in the chair. Too add insult, he then cut my lip while putting on the powerchain.
I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I seriously don't think I can swing 8 veneers, and I don't even want to go back to him...ever. Has anyone else gone and gotten a second opinion while still wearing braces from another person? And, if I change to an orthodontist, do I basically have to write off the money as a lesson learned?
Sorry this is so long- I don't think I have stopped crying since he told me - I was so excited to get braces - it was like a dream come true. Now---I honestly feel crushed.

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#2 Post by Luella »

lizm- I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I cannot imagine paying $6000 for 7 months of braces and still not get what I wanted. How did he react when he saw your tears? I would talk to the man. Be honest. Doctors are people too- they put their pants on one leg at a time! Tell him exactly what you typed here- you're very disappointed in what you thought was a dream come true. Take in a photo of a smile you would like to have. Explain to him why you're disappointed- you thought the gaps would be GONE- not minimized very little if any and that you do NOT have $8000 more for veneers! (Veneers are about $1000 each in my area) Demand answers, and a game plan. And if you don't get the answers you want- go see someone else. And I'd ask for a refund.
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#3 Post by lizm1118 »

Thank you for the suggestions - he actually got very defensive when I started tearing up. He repeatedly told me he mentioned veneers when I first talked to him. I told him that I was under the impression the veneers would only be for cosmetics - (I have a slightly chipped tooth and another tooth with a large filling.) When he cut into my lip, I jumped. His reply - "Oh. Guess I got your lip." He didn't say another thing until he finished---he stood up and said, "See you in a month" and walked out. Of course, I had tears of frustration pouring out.
The worst part was that the wires on my upper and lower side were poking into my cheek (I told him about it when I went in) - but he did nothing about it. When I got to my car, I realized the wires were still cutting into my, I had to go back - with the red and swollen eyes and ask the assistant to clip the wires - he was nowhere to be seen. Definitely know I am going on and on---but, I really feel crushed. I have actually enjoyed having braces, and I couldn't wait to see the final results. To know that the final results are very similar to the starting results is so frustrating.

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#4 Post by badbite »

lizm1118, Are you in the US? At the very least you could go for an ortho consult. You may have to pay more $$ money if you finish with someone else, but it won't be $8,000. It may be worth it to make happy with the results. I am sorry you are going through this. "All dentists are not created equally."


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#5 Post by sherilynn23 »

I would definitely go for another consult! Even if the other Ortho’s tell you the same thing at least you will feel as though you have been told the honest truth. Besides, he is a cosmetic dentist is he a board certified Ortho? Anyone could go to dental school and throw on some braces but an actual Ortho has been trained in this kind of stuff...I personally would feel more comfortable with someone who had the advance training in orthodontics who is more concerned with the functionality and health of your mouth then just cosmetics.

I am not sure if you paid everything in full but I know with my Ortho I only pay for services rendered since my fee included everything from beginning to end for the next 2 years. They actually have a refund policy where funds would be returned. You may want to check to see if your Ortho has a similar policy. My Ortho also wrote up a plan of action which basically told me what he intended to do. I assume this would not hold up in court (if there were a major issue as teeth can be unpredictable) but we were both agreeable as to what he could do with the braces. I am surprised your Ortho did not make it clear what his expected outcome would be or what other things would be needed (ie. the veneers).

But please don’t cry sometimes it takes a few opinions until you find someone who is willing to work with you! I had 2 Ortho’s say I needed major jaw surgery and for me that wasn’t an option. I finally found my current Ortho who said it wasn’t necessary and we are both in love with my progress! Don’t get bullied into removing them if you’re not happy with the results so far! Go for a second, third, fourth…opinion.

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#6 Post by Printemps »

That is truly horrible, what you have been going through! I can only imagine- I too would suggest you seek further opinions from certified orthos- I cannot believe how rude he was about it also!! I'm sure that an orthodontist will be able help you, and I too would ask for a refund. I hope it all goes well for you,let us know it develops! :)

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#7 Post by eggraid101 »

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. I would recommend getting a second opinion from a local orthodontist, or even a couple of them! They may be able to give you another perspective or other ideas.

Just to clear a few things up, if he is a cosmetic dentist, he is not an orthodontist, and not a board certified orthodontist. Any dentist can do orthodontics, but only someone who has done an accredited orthodontic residency can call themselves an orthodontist and then become certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association. I know this can be a little confusing.

Don't beat yourself up over this, you did the very best you could, and I'm confident you'll be able to get things resolved to get that beautiful smile that you were looking forward to at the beginning! It's always a long process, and just think of this as a bump in the road.
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Remember: your orthodontist knows your dental history and orthodontic condition best. I can guide you toward better orthodontic information than if you were left on your own and hopefully in doing so play a small part in your quest to achieve a beautiful, fully functional smile, but you should consider your orthodontist the best source of information.

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#8 Post by lizm1118 »

THank you so much for all of the encouragement. I made an appointment with one of the most respected orthodontists in the area, and I am going to see him Monday. If he says he can fix my teeth without veneers, I will immediately transfer to him. I am a middle school teacher, and he treats most of the kids at my school. Fortunately, they all love him. I do know that this dentist will not get any more money from me- I am already looking for a new general dentist.

Again---thank you so much for all of your support - people without braces don't seem to understand as much as those of us experiencing it! :-)

On a positive note - I am running my first 15K Sunday! (Just had to throw something positive in after all the whining!)

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#9 Post by leftyme »

Wow that really stinks!!!

I would ask for a refund of some of my money to help go towards the new orthodontist. Be very firm, you deserve some, most, or even all of your money back!

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#10 Post by Bekah »

I know that my dentist wanted to do invisilign for me, but I went to an orthodontist because they are trained to "MOVE" teeth! I am lucky and have a wonderful ortho and dentist!

I hope your appointment goes well! Let us know how it goes! Congrats on the 15k marathon!
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#11 Post by beachrose »

If you feel that mistakes were made and this is confirmed by the ortho you are seeing, contact your state dental board if you have no luck getting a refund from your dentist. They will be able to negotiate a refund for you if they feel it is warrented. Of course, there will be letter writing, etc. on your part, but it is worth it. Often the dentist will comply just to avoid the aggravation.

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#12 Post by SDFD TSchott »

I haven't really read what's going on here except for the topic "Really upset with my dentist"

Well here is my opinion on this topic and I appoligize in advance if I take this topic away from the original poster.

"I got my braces removed back in April and was set to get a cleaning and a look at a molar that was in bad shape due to braces a few days after braces were removed... Well the day before I was supposed to get in I get a phone call saying that the office will be closed as they are re-locating to a newer location and won't re-open until may... Well here it is May 04 and I call to make an appointment to get a cleaning and that one molar checked out, "Sorry were closed until the end of the month" WTF *Sorry for profane words* but this is pissing me off... Anyways I'm down to the point of saying the heck with going to my regular dentist and just making appointments with someone else and getting my cleaning done and out of the way and possibly see what they think about the molar that needs some repair. Other then that my rant is over if you have any comments feel free to comment... and once again I appoligize for the profane language and for stealing the topic away from the original poster, I just felt like same issue that I would post here instead of creating new one!'


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