spacer yesterday

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spacer yesterday

#1 Post by dcarnes3 »

OK this might sound stupid but I just got spacer yesterday and reading some stories on here it seems like I will have them on longer than most. I go back in two weeks to get a impression of my mouth and then two weeks later to get an expander so will these things stay in for a month? I have an open bite he said class 3 what should I expect?

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#2 Post by michelle005 »

I will have had mine in for a month when I finally get them out on Tuesday. I went through the exact same thing because I'm getting a TPA and a lower lingual arch. They put the spacers in, two weeks later they fit the molar bands, took the impressions, took off the molar bands and put the spacers back in, and then two weeks after that (which will be this Tuesday) they're putting in the appliances. I've heard most people have them for maybe two weeks max, but we seem to be amongst the lucky bunch who have to go a little longer. :roll:

You will probably start to get sore while your teeth are moving to create those spaces. I managed the pain with Ibuprofen which worked great for me. The pain doesn't last the whole time...I can't even feel them now. For the most part, they were only painful for me when I would bite down. You'll probably want to keep softer foods available. Spaghetti boiled a minute or so over the suggested time was my staple for the first couple weeks, as were soups. It'll go faster than you think. I can't even believe I've had my braces for almost a month now. Good luck and keep us updated with your progress! :D

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#3 Post by Katt »

I had mine for 2 weeks, but should have had them longer. I was very lucky when I needed a tooth pulled that my dentist moved my appointment up to do it so then I was able to move my brace day up as well. Otherwise it would have been almost a month. But the torture devices do get better I think it took about 5 days before I could eat whatever again.

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#4 Post by meggers06 »

I had my spacers in for about a month. I too thought they were only supposed to be in for about a week or two before the next step, but my ortho was in no hurry to get me in to take them out and move on. One of them actually because loose due to my teeth separating, and I ended up swolling it w/my lunch! Yuck, spacers were very annoying to have in!! :shock:

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#5 Post by tryinthis2 »

I'm on day 13 of spacers and my appt is next monday to get the braces on. Honestly I thought they were HORRIBLE for the first week and then it got better once my teeth moved....but....since like 4 of the spacers stick up beyond the height of my teeth, it before my teeth bite down. It just feels wrong to chew!
Right now one of them shifts so periodically it hits my gums when I chew down. I swear it changed shape from circular to oblong ....sounds odd but??
I called because I was in alot of pain and was told that the reason mine have to stay in so long is because next monday was the soonest appt!

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#6 Post by insinu8 »

I had the same spacer timeline (twice, in fact):

two weeks in, remove for band fitting, two weeks in, bands installed. That seems pretty normal. And yes, after the 3rd week or so those spacers may end up being a tasty snack...keep an eye on them and replace them if you feel your diet got some extra fiber. I asked my Ortho for a couple of extras (which they gave me) and ended up replacing two of them myself after they jumped ship during a meal.



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#7 Post by dimeech »

Mine were in for two weeks, but the ortho hinted that fitting the molar bands would've been easier if they had been in longer. I agreed :)
It really wasn't bad, though!

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tylenol vs ibuprofin

#8 Post by kristinp »

Just got my spacers put in yesterday. I was warned about the pain but had no idea the headache it would cause! Been taking extra strength tylenol to no avail...wondering if ibu would be a better choice? Luckily they're only in for a week! :?

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#9 Post by landela »

I took extra strength tylenol and that did not help. 2-4 ibuprofin worked amazingly well though.

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#10 Post by kristinp »

After tylenol, and excederine, I tried the Advil and did find it to bring somerelief. That first day was tough tho...

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