first follow appt...*HAVE QUESTION*

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first follow appt...*HAVE QUESTION*

#1 Post by hislilgemini »

So i got the bottom braced 5 weeks ago today. I went in today (because i was told to come back in 5 weeks) and all him did was cut the wire in the back b/x it was bothering me. He didnt ask any questions like if everything was okay or was anything bothering me..nothing. My question it normal to go back and not have them adjusted, i thought that was the purpose for the appointment. I dont know though..

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#2 Post by jennielee81 »

If the wire is still "working" they won't do anything but trim the end of the wire.

Some ortho's don't say much. Talk to your assistant if you have a question or concern. She/he will relay to the ortho.

Sometimes all an adjustment is is an "observation".

Let us know what happens at the next one. :thumbsup:
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#3 Post by hislilgemini »

I just went in for my 10 week visit. They still didnt do anything with my lowers, and after a deep cleaning/ root scaling, and 6 teeth extractions i finally got the top braced with what im guessing are powerchains..its a clear rubber band like thing going over the extractions.
Im guessing im not getting the color ligs or whatever either. O well.

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#4 Post by MsViola »

hislig: Maybe you should make a point of asking questions and telling them what you would like. I bet you could have gotten a colored powerchain if you had asked.

I find it strange that the people sticking their hands in your mouth don't have enough courtesy in them to tell you what they are doing :ThumbsDown: . My Ortho always talks to me personally and I have long conversations with the assistants each time. I probably ask enough questions for you and me both :oops:

:gavel: Remember you are paying good money for the service and you have the right to ask questions .

Here's to more productive visits in the future :thumbsup: Good Luck!!

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#5 Post by TigerLily »

My ortho doesn't voluntarily discuss as much as I'd like her to...
But because I am a member here, I ask her and she is always happy to discuss if I ask her a question (sometimes she seems surprised at what I ask but happy to talk about it). I think from the only person I know 'in real life' who is in braces and my previous experience 20 years ago that orthos (at least in the UK) don't always explain much..perhaps they don't think to.

Though admittedly in my case, there is also a bit of a language barrier, I am in the UK but my ortho is from France. Due to the area I live in and the practice I go to, I'd assume most of her patients are French. I only found out recently she only moved over a few years ago and when she first did her English wasn't that great. I do speak nearly fluent French, but have never spoken to her in it as it's not fluent enough to discuss orthodontic treatment (I don't know powerchain, coiled springs etc).

Do you have an email address for your ortho? When I've emailed my ortho, she's replied with useful info.

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#6 Post by ArchAngle »

It's definitely a peculiar relationship. I think you may have to read your ortho, i.e. mix a lot of chit chat with pointed questions. They seem to take a defensive stance if you pepper them with questions while everything is going on. Not clear to me if they see themselves more artist than dr. Worst are the assistants, both times, tops and bottoms the assistant put the brackets on, both times, their assistant is standing by their side, and all they do is chat to each other non stop about nothing. While placing the brackets on. oohing and awing about the cat or the weekend, while you sitting their with your mouth stretched to smithereens waiting for them to put the damn braces on :D

I think of course, this is so run of the mill for all of them including the ortho, it 's just another day at the office and all very straightforward and mechanical. Just follow the instructions set out in the original diagnosis, and that's that. Like Ikea furniture. While we are petrified, thirsting for knowledge, keen to know what the the wire weight, thickness, shape is, does etc. these guys are merrily simply changing the oil and filter in your car 9-5 each day and it's nothing to them.

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#7 Post by blindboarder2008 »

when i went to my 1st adjustment, they put new wires on my bottom (thicker ones), and left the top ones on, they just activated the spring more that i have on the top. There putting the thicker wire on my top braces when i go for my second adjustment! Sometimes they'll keep the wires on if there still working and just observe them. That what they did with my uppers.
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#8 Post by Twinjoy »

That sounds like a great way to start off getting the ortho to explain what he is doing and I will def use it at my adj in 2 days. I keep wondering how to start it off because I don't want to ask a million dif questions and I can't really ask the assistant much because of the language barrier (all the assistants are japanese and don't speak the best english). Hopefully if I start with that when he walks in he will walk me through what he is doing and I won't have to worry about asking questions with hands in my mouth!

Thanks so much for the advice!

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#9 Post by shoezy »

Hi hislilgemini,
I had that happen to me, and was told by ortho office it is to stabilize teeth. Some orthodontist don't say much, maybe initiate next time? Good luck with your treatment hun!



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