No spacers not removals...Very surprised.

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No spacers not removals...Very surprised.

#1 Post by siennamichele »

Hi all,

Im new here in fact this is my 2nd post. This is also my 3rd day in braces.

Can anyone tell my why I didnt need spacers or back teeth removal?

I'm 39 years old and I have all my back teeth. They never told me they needed to be removed. I was too scared to ask because I didnt want the removal anyway. I also have a somewhat wide upper front gap.
What would be some reasons why someone wouldnt need spacers or back teeth removal...

It goes against everything people where telling me would happen.

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#2 Post by dimeech »

Hi- Well, I an guessing you would only need to have teeth removed if there just wasn't enough room due to crowding to fit all your teeth, so obviously it's a very good thing b/c you get to keep all your teeth!!
You would only need spacers (I'm guessing) if your ortho thought that bands wouldn't fit around the molars nicely. And- not everyone even gets bands on the molars- some people can just get buccal tubes that function as an anchor for your archwires (so bands are not needed anyway). Some orthos only use bands on teeth that have fillings, crowns or are otherwise compromised and need the extra support the band provides.
It sounds like you got off easy, haha!! :D (I just got spacers 2 days ago, but they don't really hurt.)

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#3 Post by siennamichele »

Hmm, I guess I did get off easy, lol. Thanks for the response.

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#4 Post by jenny101101 »

I'm 32 and I didn't need spacers or teeth extraced either. I did have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled years ago as they were impacted but besides that, I have all my teeth and I have quite a bit of crowding, especially on my lower teeth.

How are your braces treating you?
Keep smilin'! :)

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