Why no love for removable braces?

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#16 Post by Jamesyeats »

Thanks, Dawna - those white archwires actually look really good to me!
And I see what you mean about the attachments not being visible - but to someone like me and I think probably a lot of you, the first thing I notice about people is their teeth!
I think I will wait until midweek and then start phoning around. I know for definite that the girl at the garage has not had fixed braces, I've been going there for years as it is just up the road from me. So somebody must do removables around here...

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#17 Post by Dawna »

Yep, totally understand not wanting people to notice in certain situations. I was surprised at how big my attachments were, and I am a real tooth-noticer like you are. Honestly though, They were really so discreet, and I had the BIG ones (there are different shapes and sizes depending on what's needed) and on my canines to boot.

If you look in the Nov 2006 entry, you can click on the pic and blow it up to full size to see them. I think you'd agree that's about as discreet as you can get! That being said, there are certain things Invisalign does not do well, and you'd be well advised to ask about what happens should you be one of those cases. I am the first case for this to happen at my orthos, and now we are in a bit of a dispute as to what I should be paying.

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#18 Post by Jamesyeats »

Yes, I've heard of too many people having Invisalign and then having to have normal braces afterwards, to trust them! And also stories of them causing open bite, etc. Basically I don't like the idea of them - I would rather go with Invu brackets and white archwires like yours than aligners!
But ideally I would like removables, so I think I'll be paying £70 per consultation for a while!

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#19 Post by Jamesyeats »

Having just looked at Lora's blog, as in the post here - viewtopic.php?t=25391&start=0&postdays= ... highlight=

I would guess that I will need a lower incisor extracted. I'd prefer that to any others being taken out! Then metal braces on my bottom teeth (which don't show, so aren't an issue), and hopefully a removable brace for my top teeth, which are pretty straight anyway. I'll make some phone calls to see who does removable braces, I just hope they don't charge £70 for phone calls the way they apparently do for consultations! :lol:

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#20 Post by TigerLily »

I also had removable braces twenty years ago. I have now had 6 months of my fixed braces (ceramic with wire ties). I find braces SOOOO much easier this time around. They hurt a lot less than my removable braces, I'm getting a better result and best of all no speech problems. The worst bit of my braces was having to wear a (removable) bite plate for the first 4 months, the speech problems and too many bad memories of my removable braces, I did take it out occasionally. Life is a lot easier now!

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#21 Post by Clo »


interesting topic here.
Being in Belgium myself, I too saw that some decades ago, almost everyone who went to an ortho
got removables and only the very bad cases got fixed braces. I just think the orthos slowly accepted
that what you can achieve with removables is a lot less than what fixed braces can achieve. Those
removables can push and pull teeth, hence tip the crown of a tooth in some direction. It becomes a
lot more difficult if roots need to be moved. After an extraction for example. It is even very easy to
understand. Place a stick in the sand, about 2 thirds of that stick under the ground, 1 third above
it. Try to move this by only pushing with one finger. You will make it slant in the direction you push.
In fact, the only thing you can do is tipping it. By no means, you'll be able to move it through the
sand to another location, with only 1 finger. To do so, you'll need to grasp it with your entire hand.
That is what a bracket-archwire combination can achieve. I think the removable period is just to be
seen as part of an evolution. They were happy at that time that at least this limited effect could be
achieved. But now, this is just not good enough anymore. Like Edison who was very happy he could
record a voice on a wax cylinder. Great at that time, but today ... just not good enough.

Between my 2 treatments in fixed braces, there was a gap of 9 months I was without braces (long
story). During that time, I had a removable Hawley :


The only thing that it needed to do is hold my teeth and push forward my upper laterals. Hence this
spring attached to it. My laterals needed to shift forward. This Hawley only tipped them forward, the
roots stayed on the same place. The result was ... not that great. Even more, since this was an active
Hawley, it slowly ruined my bite as time progressed. For me the situation was different, because after
those 9 months, I needed braces again anyway.

So, I both know and experienced removables are great to retain teeth. But are less great if they need
to move teeth.

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#22 Post by Jamesyeats »

Well, I phoned a few clinics and arranged a consultation.
The answer is - yes, my upper teeth can be made perfectly straight using removable braces, worn for 20h a day at least, although I will strive for 24h wear if I can!
My lower teeth - one lower incisor to be extracted, and fixed metal braces. It should take 9 months for my top teeth, and 18 for my bottom ones. I should be fittted up within 6 weeks!
It seems I'm the better ortho diagnostician than I thought, as that was exactly what I predicted and wanted.

Meryaten - please don't reply to my posts, I don't want your opinion and I dislike your attitude. Thanks.

Cheers everyone!


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#23 Post by alibaba »

hi james, just been reading this thread with interest! do you mind me asking, is it the inman aligners you're getting? or are there other types of removable braces i havent come across? ive been looking into this,i had ceramic braces in the past but due to very poorly fitting retainer, there has been a slight slight relapse in my two front teeth which im very unhappy about and im considering maybe going for something removable myself to address this. would much appreciate your advice. im from the uk also.

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#24 Post by elpi »

It's cool you're able to get the treatment you wanted - hope it goes well :) 18 months for the lowers? that means theoretically we'll be out of braces around the same time!

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#25 Post by beth1966 »

Hi - I looked into invisalign but have been told by a number of orthos that they are not strong enough for the corrections I need.

I've also since learned that invisalign is more pricey and has a higher failure rate - apparently some folks quit before treatment is complete. That is a bit harder to do with the braces that are fixed.

I have a very visible/social job working for a man who runs a pharmaceutical company that employs 3500 people. I am constantly speaking and talking with people all day long - so I was concerned about my appearance and my general ability to pronounce words etc. But I'm over that now - don't have my braces yet, but have my mind set that I have to do this for my health.

I assume that anyone who actually asks me about them will simply have an innocent curiousity and or wonder about them for themselves. Little do they know they will get quite an education on my braces and why i had to do this! LOL

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#26 Post by jennielee81 »

Looks like you got the answer you wanted all along.

Not sure why you came here for answers since you already knew exactly what needed to be done.

BTW, your comment to Meryaten was unnecessary.
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#27 Post by beth1966 »

jennielee81 - wow your teeth look AMAZING!!! You must be so so so happy!!! You are a great incentive for those of us just beginning our braces experience!!!!! :D

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#28 Post by beth1966 »

I went to clear ceramics with the white wire and found it just made my teeth look like there was something awfully wrong with them - the shadows or something just looked (for me, maybe not others!) like I had big chips in my teeth or something.

Wow = maybe the photos are extra complimentary so I can't see what you mean by how they look in person BUT - - if my ceramics look half as good as yours look in your pics on your blog - then I will be THRILLED!!! They look GREAT! :)

Paul UK
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#29 Post by Paul UK »


Glad you got the treatment plan that you were hoping for.

I'm a bit surprised that a number of people here don't have any sympathy for anyone who, for one reason or another, who would rather not wear fixed braces. I'm considering approaching a dentist to see if I can have a removable appliance fitted that will close some gaps between my front teeth. I don't think my bite it that bad but my front teeth are quite spaced, partly due to an intermittant sucking habit (which by the way was largely solved during the time that I used a removable appliance as a teenager).

My reasons for preferring a removable appliance are similar to James'. I work as a consultant in UK and I would still feel bothered about joining a client meeting in fixed braces. I think the UK is changing but only slowly. (I also realise that other people on AW have successfully met this challenge without problem- so that's promising for me.)

To quote Jennie Lee:
Not sure why you came here for answers since you already knew exactly what needed to be done.
I think the reason why James' questions are perfectly valid; it's useful to have a broad flavour of what had worked (and not worked) for people on here. It all helps the decision making process (even if you really just want the comfort or confidence to take the decision that deep down you feel inclined to make.)

The answers on this thread (and others) have helped me form a view on things and this will equip me well to ask plenty questions when I eventually gain confidence to see a dentist about my case.

I also disagree with Meryaten on this occasion because I don't believe James was trying to express an "expert" opinion (her responses normally always seem entirely helpful and supportive to me but I think a little harsh here).

By the way, as someone who comes from, and lives in Bolton (UK), I do wonder what a "Bolton size discrepancy" means! (LOL)

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#30 Post by Jamesyeats »

Paul, you are spot on. whether or not you want permanently visible braces is a very personal decision, and could make the world of difference to the way you feel, the way you come across, and hence your career. I rang round 4 local orthos before I found one who said "Why yes, I specialise in them!"
Jennielee, I didn't mean to offend anyone, sometimes I am a bit too "up front"! But yes, I got the ortho I needed and the treatment I thought I needed! 2 years of researching into orthodonics did it to me!!
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