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#31 Post by metalgear84 »

Ollie---i hear can be very frustrating, the whole process...

I've started to realize that i'm way more self-conscious about smiling....i just dont anymore. uffff

could it be that your tooth is "ankylosed" ?

My doctor said that that's a possibility in my case. The tooth gets stuck to the bone and they cant bring it this case, she told me implants would be the solution...

i havent followed all your posts, but has ur doc told u this?

Where u blogging from? US?

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#32 Post by metalgear84 »

What;s luxation? I was never told that....

Also, is there a way to speed the process...? I mean, losen the tooth so it moves faster---anyone??

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#33 Post by ollielloyd »

Mine was originally attatched to string last May, the chain snapped in October, and was left alone for 3 weeks, where I presume it moved...and then had the chain reattatched in here in end of June she's managed to put another small button on it to pull it outwards as well as down, but I think that was simply visible from guy being worn away, not the tooth moving.

Impacted canines are the worst. I actually hate my braces...I'm at the stage where I'd rather have a fake tooth than wait around...but apparently thats not posssible since all my bone was removed...great.

I'm stuck!

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#34 Post by niceteeth »

Hey guys. I'm 19 soon to be 20, and I've had my braces for almost exactly and year now and just this morning I had tooth exposure surgery. Last year about a week before my braceday, I had the baby tooth on my right side removed in hopes that the tooth would drop down on its own. Since a year later it has not my dentist recommended me to an oral surgeon to have impacted canine tooth exposure surgery.

My tooth was literally right above the surface, so the doctor said that it wouldn't take long for the tooth to come down. He said that he normally puts people to sleep depending upon where the tooth was, but since mine was so close to the surface, I could just get local anesthesia and probably be fine. But since i'm a scaredy cat and was just so nervous about the whole thing, I just paid the extra money and got put to sleep. I'm glad I did.

I couldn't eat or drink anything for at least 6 hours, and my mom had to drive me to the doctors office. They took me back to the room, hooked me up to a few monitors and things, and stuck the IV in me. My doctor told me I would start to feel sleepy in about 30 seconds. I remember saying ok, and the next thing i know, I was waking up and it was over. Seriously the worst part of that was the IV since he couldn't find vein and kept poking me.

I was out of it for about 20 minutes after the surgery, and then I got really sleepy and felt kind of nausea and really dizzy for few hours after, and my tooth was bleeding alot so I had to keep gauze in my mouth. I slept for about 5 or six hours waking up every now and then to change the gauze in my mouth. I feel better now. I had some yogurt earlier and some mash potatoes and a biscuit for dinner tonight. The area around the exposed tooth does hurt and my lip feels swollen, but its nothing that a little advil won't take care of.

Overall I had a good experience besides a little dizziness, nausea, and pain afterwards. My surgery was a bit simpler than some of the surgeries I've read about on here, as they have already attached the bracket and the chain to my tooth and braces. I can see about half of my tooth. My ortho said that it should be down and in place in about two months. I'm praying he's right. I prob didn't need to be put to sleep, but i'm glad I was. I feel a little silly for freaking out so much before hand, since it was relatively easy, but i've never had surgery before, never even broken or sprained anything, so the thought of surgery scared me.

Sorry for the super long post. Hope it helps someone.

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#35 Post by Jessica76 »


im 32 and have had braces on for 1 week... Both of my canines are impacted and once the space is ready i will have oral surgery to ortho says i have an 80% chance of them coming down so we will see how it goes....

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#36 Post by Tweetin »

Count me in too, or I was! My crazy canines both came out weird, one was fully impacted back in the palate and the other came out ontop of the tooth infront of it. My impacted one is now exposed enough that it has a normal bracket on it and had come down and out nicely. Had the exposure done on it in Sept. So took nearly 8 months to get it bracketed and into the archwire with the rest and they didn't think it'd even move at all. Needless to say I'm glad it did, no implant! :D

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#37 Post by ja09 »

hi guys, i've just joined this site. i guess i'm in the club!

ive 2 impacted canines and had braces put on in sept 08. my orthodontist told me that it would take about 3 mths to make space to have surgery to get the baby teeth pulled then chains attached to impacted teeth and pulled down. (im 26 by the way!)

well, it's now end of may and still making space (8 mths later!). i'm hoping to have surgery next month. i'm learning teeth aren't always predictable!

to be honest i haven't found braces as bad as i expected but i'm DREADING the surgery 'cos of the visible gold chains and big gaps! don't mean to sound shallow but what do you reckon? have you had many negative comments, etc?

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#38 Post by Tweetin »

I have to admit the gaps were the biggest problem for me, it made it harder to bite(as if braces don't make that hard enough sometimes!) and I even had someone ask if some of my teeth had fallen out. I guess they didn't even notice the braces just that I had missing teeth where the baby ones were pulled. It's not even like I have horrible dirty looking teeth or anything either. :? The chain was slightly annoying but not all that bad and in my opinion not very noticable unless you're looking for it.

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#39 Post by CCandy »


I have impacted canines too!

I got my surgery for the extraction 2 years ago and its been a work in progress ever since. I had 2 impacted canines one is down and elastic is pulling it over into its correct spot however the 2nd one is just about to break through my mouth.

I'm not sure how long it takes for them to be moved into their correct positions once they are down but it seems to be moving quite fast. So i got bracers a year ago my mouth is fine except the 2 gaps where the teeth were pulled which im a little self concious about it. I was hoping my mouth ordeal would be over at the beginning of next year however Im less then optimistic :( I asked my ortho how long and she sed she isnt sure so I dunno thats kinda frustrating.

So I guess I'm kinda in the later stages of my treatment as the ortho sed pullin them into position is usually the quickest. I dunno I kinda have a sinking feeling imma have these bracers on for another 2 years :S I was told 2 maximum but it feels like its gunna be longer however Im praying it will all be ok.

Anyways thats my lil story least I'm not the only one right? :)

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#40 Post by katiekate »

Hey guys!

I'm new on here and definitely in this club...

I've had my braces on for 2 months now and just had my baby canine on my right side removed yesterday afternoon.

My ortho was going to wait for approx. 6 months after I got my braces on to remove it and put a traction chain on the impacted adult canine, but the baby canine was restricting the movement of my second incisor (sorry, still not 100% sure of the terminology, but its the second tooth round from the front?) so he decided to remove it now. I have a bit of a gap there, but I dont mind it too much because the baby was set right back and was tiny so didnt really look like I had much there before anyway...

I will probably be having the surgery to attach the traction chain (and all 4 wisdoms and possibly 4 other extractions) done in the next few months.

I'm really concerned about the surgery as I'm useless with pain! I'm also curious as to how the gum doesn't "heal" around the traction chain once its fixed to the impacted tooth?

Anyway, hope everyone's canines are showing progress!!!


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#41 Post by Tweetin »

Good luck with moving that tooth, hopefully it doesn't take too long!

As far as it healing over the chain, personally I didn't have that problem but I can't say if others have.

My canine was impacted fairly far back in the palate though and now that it's moved out and braced with the rest there does seem to be a strange bit of a gap in the gums behind the tooth where the gum and bone hasn't quite filled out from all the movement. I wonder if that's normal? My orthodontist hasn't said much on it so I should probably ask.

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#42 Post by katiekate »

Thanks Tweetin... did you have much pain when they did your surgery and during the time the adult moved into position?

hmmm... hopefully that is normal! :)

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#43 Post by Tweetin »

I had mine exposed under just local anesthetic..and when they did the needle in the roof of my mouth it was worse than any of the rest of it. Oww.. I still cringe thinking about it.

It was a little sore and a bit difficult to eat even soft foods the first days while as it healed. But I also had mine done a few days after being braced so my mouth was already pretty tender.

All in all it really wasn't too bad at all.

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#44 Post by katiekate »

thanks for that Tweetin! I'm a lot more reassured now!! the needle is always the worst part for me too so I'm happy that I'll be out of it when they expose mine! :)

how long did yours take to come down enough to have a bracket fitted?

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#45 Post by jesspenguin »

I only had one impacted canine, my upper left. It was impacted horizontally and in the palate though, and my ortho thought I may have to have the surgery to expose it. Fortunately for me, once he made a huge space for it (using a spring) it decided to move down and come on out on its own. It still had to be pulled into place with chains and wire, but no surgery for me. I'm almost done with my treatment, and it's really strange after the 22 years I lived with my little baby tooth to finally have "big girl teeth" as my friends say :)
Time spent in braces: 16 months
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