Placement of brackets

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Placement of brackets

#1 Post by *melissa* »

How do orthodontists decide where to place the brackets? Mine all seem to be on the lower part of each tooth. Thats the case for both top and bottom. Is there a reason the brackets didnt get placed right smack dab in the middle of each tooth?

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#2 Post by micachica »

ya know, i was also wondering about that. I've tried researching it, I assumed it was some sort of math with regards to your mouth and jaw and such things. I haven't found an answer though. I guess you have to go to a dental school to learn those things. But I hope we both find an answer here!

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#3 Post by dimeech »

I think you're right about the placement depending on the specific force/movement your ortho needs. That being said- mine will go on at about the center.

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#4 Post by Steel »

Nice point...nothing looks worse than crooked braces

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#5 Post by Lisa65 »

I've been looking and looking for info on this, because I've wondered about it too. But the only sources I could find suggested that the bracket should be placed on the middle third of the crown of the tooth.

Mine are not in the middle of the tooth either. Both top and bottom brackets are more towards the edge of the tooth.

I am going to add this to the list of questions I have for my ortho next time I go.

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#6 Post by Crymsyn »

The brackets on the bottom teeth are all low- against or barely above the gum line.

I asked about it when my ortho put them on and basically, it's because my bite won't accomodate them any other way. Until I get some teeth moved into the right place, my top teeth would knock against the brackets if they were any higher.

The ortho told me that otherwise, she places them where she wants the line for the archwire to be- the ideal position. She makes corrections when the teeth won't accomodate where she wants them and then goes from there.

This is probably the layman's description though.

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#7 Post by Spanner »

I've already asked my ortho this and he said that he places them dependent on several factors but mainly where he thinks the best possible place is for the archwire to be in order to achieve the best and/or quickest result.

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#8 Post by *melissa* »

Yes yes, thank you very much guys!!! :D

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