Starting My New Job

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Starting My New Job

#1 Post by silly123 »

Hi Everyone! I am new here and very excited to find this message board!

I need some advice, I am feeling a little nervous. I am FINALLY getting braces on Wed! I have waited all through college for them and the time has finally come.

I recently got offered a new position and was braces free at the interview. The place I will be working is my Alma Mater and I know alot of people there. It just so happens I am getting braces 2 weeks before I start and I am getting so nervous, like what everyone is going to say. I am getting ceramic uppers and lowers (I am VERY concerened about staining, but I am sure there are plenty of posts about that)

Why am I so nervous...I almost put them off another month. Anyone have a professional situation like this? I want to be taken seriously and the fact I was a student there makes me feel that they don't see me as the professional I am yet...and this braces thing may add to that. Any advice and especially stories are greatly appreciated!

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#2 Post by dimeech »

Hi Silly! If I were you I'd just hop on board and get them ASAP b/c it seems you are also eager to get braced. I doubt your peeps will think you are less "professional"! Good Luck!

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#3 Post by BoSox2008 »

WOW the same thing happened to me when I got my braces on!!

I interviewed and got a marketing position at a large corporation braces free, but went back on my first day with a mouth full of metal! I considered mentioning it in my phone conversation with my manager a week prior to my start date but decided not to.

On my first day no one seemed to care. I'm sure that they noticed, but they didn't even bother to look twice. A week into the job, when I was a bit more assimilated into the group, my manager asked if I had braces when they interviewed me or if I had gotten them on since because she didn't notice in the interview. I told her that I got them on a couple weeks before starting and all she said was "good for you!" and that I could let her know if I need time off for monthly appointments.

When I told her that I considered bringing it up prior to starting, she said that I was crazy to think that I needed to and that she's glad I didn't. She said "Would you call your employer to let them you had gotten a hair cut after your interview?!" I laughed and agreed - I was nervous what everyone would think, but it turns out that starting a new job with real educated and polite adults is not about looks but about your ability and education.

No one treated me like I was younger or unprofessional because of my braces. In fact - a secretary at the office got braces at the age of 50 after I started and she one time stopped me in the hall and thanked me for giving her the courage and motivation to get braces! She told me that when she saw how much confidence I had and how big I smiled despite having braces, she realized that it was no big deal.

Best of luck at the new job!! My advice is to focus on being hardworking and driven rather than on your braces. Adults won't make fun of you and point fingers the way you might imagine : )

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#4 Post by ssfw »

Hi Silly123,

You will find that when you first get braces, you will get the same questions from anyone that wants to ask (how long do you have to wear them, etc.), but it may be different since you haven't met alot of people yet. But, after a few weeks, the questions end and people are use to seeing you in braces These days there are more adults wearing braces. I'm glad you didn't postpone getting the braces. In fact, I think it would have been easier for me if I was starting a new job soon after I got my braces, this way you walk in and you're already wearing braces - I may have even gotten all metal braces if this were the case (maybe). I wear ceramic braces and if you think you might eat something that may stain the ligs, then rinse with water soon after you eat. I haven't had too many staining problems, but, be sure to rinse soon after you eat red licorice, I don't eat it often, but every now and then, I have to have some. Also, bring an interdental brush (your ortho's office will probably give you some as a sample when you get your braces placed). I always carry it with me as it gets food out of your braces very quickly.

Also, I think there are many people out there that wishes they would take that first step and get an orthodontic evaluation, just like you did.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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#5 Post by silly123 »

Wow Sox Thankyou so much!! Your story really made me feel better! I hope my new coworkers are as nice as your boss was. Thanks everyone else also, I am sure people will soon forget that I even have them.

I am glad I didn't postpone them either, I have waited soooo long!!!!

9am tomorrow!! wooo hooo

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#6 Post by Lana »

Welcome and Congrats!

I get mine tomorrow also! I'm so excited as i've been waiting a looonnggg time to get them. My appt. is at 10 tomorrow! YAY! :-)o

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#7 Post by Lana »

OH yeah, and I'm SO eating some Taco Bell Crunchy Taco supreme tonight or nachos.... what about u? Anything special before tomorrow?

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#8 Post by silly123 »

I can't believe I didn't think of that! I am going to the diner at 8am tomorrow morning and eating a huge breakfast!

I need to think of something good to eat tonight though!! I was going to make dinner..but maybe I should go out and get some ribs! That might be hard to eat with braces....

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#9 Post by KianaFran »

Don't worry about! I am a second year law student and was little nervous about how seriously I would be taken with a mouth full of metal. I already look young and was little worried. The worst part was that I was being interviewed for the job of my dreams (they start summer associates at $1000/wk and new attorney's at $100,000/yr). The first interview I didn't have braces. But when I was called back for my second interview I was very nervous and a little self conscious because I would be coming back with a mouth full of metal. I was worried about anything being in my teeth and such. But long story short, no one even referenced by braces or questioned me as to when I got them. And to top it off I got the job!

Trust me, it isn't as big of a deal as we (the braced) sometimes make it out to be. Just do your job and you should be fine! :D

Hope this helped.
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#10 Post by Hana »

I am a beauty model and have had some trouble getting the contracts i want as i have only just had braces fitted. I am 20 years old and have been beauty modelling since i was 16. I also have a degree in business studies which i got in the UK as i moved there when I was 14. I have now moved back to Miami as it is where my agent is based and have been offered countless jobs in business but obviously i didn't take them. Now my contracts have come to a halt as i have braces so therefore i'm seriously thinking about moving into business. I have had a couple of interviews and they are willing to take me whenevr and have met all of the staff at both businesses and they haven't said anything other than compliments. So there is nothing to worry about. Good Luck!

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#11 Post by myhalo123 »

Your going to do fine sweetie. Don't worry about it! If you believe in yourself and put your mind to it, you can do anything!
On the inside:
Oh boy. Her biggest worry in life is braces at her new job. I wonder what people on umeployment would think? Hmmm. I cannot believe how many people think braces are a big deal. Nobody cares. I wonder if I got any new emails...Better check. :wink:

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#12 Post by mamakitty »

I agree with BoSox2008. I'm in the process of applying for new positions and hopefully will get some good news early this week if I was successful or not. If so, I may also be starting this new job with a metal mouth. My B-day is on 22 April. Yikes! I've been to many consultations since December 07 and have finally decided to take the plunge. I've been bombarded with tons of information and had to make the decision about whether or not to go ahead with upper jaw expansion surgery, but I opted to just have straight teeth for now. I had an interview last week and things are looking good for me. If I do get this position I will be starting it with braces but I also agree that it won't make any inch of difference as long as you work hard and give it your best.

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