Questions: 30-something Dating; IPR

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Questions: 30-something Dating; IPR

#1 Post by sunshine33 »

Hi! I'm a newbie and have many questions, but I'll start with just a couple. I've gone through my consultation and preliminaries and I'm awaiting my actual date of getting braces (in about a month). I'm going to have ceramic uppers and lowers. The orthodontist I'm working with plans to do IPR too -- does anyone have any pro's/con's on this?

Second, I'd be interested in hearing from any fellow single (or single again) 30-something's and older who are in the dating pool and their stories about how they went about actually getting dates and relationships with braces. I'd rather not be alone for the next two years. Thanks!

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#2 Post by dimeech »

I don't think I'll be going the IPR route... but I am a bit concerned about the dating thing too! I am 32. (Will be braced in a month or so.) I also just moved a few months ago, and I'm afraid I may be a little less approachable if I'm feeling self-conscious. (Should note that I DO have a boyfriend, but the reality is that I do not think that he will be relocating to be w/me, so I am mentally preparing for it as best I can. He has been very supportive of my needing to get braced, though.)

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#3 Post by kirjax »

I was told I may need IPR so far haven't had it but heard it's a better alternative to extractions.

And dating OMG tell me about it! I'm 25 and it's been horrible lol!! I look young anyways but with braces I've pushed my age a down a few more years so the only people I get hit on by are highschool boys or old men in there 80's at the gym (who basically hit on anything that walks) LOL

It's been tough but I'm okay with it. I figure if someone likes me for me they'll look past the braces!


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