Relationships with Braces

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Relationships with Braces

#1 Post by islandbabe715 »

Of course I've heard a lot of people say that braces made no difference in their relationships, but I find it so hard to believe. I mean, i look in the mirror and wonder why anyone would even imagine dating someone with braces, no offense intended to anyone, I already know I must be messed up in the head.

So just to put the story straight....has braces really not affected anyones love life?

Betty Bat
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#2 Post by Betty Bat »

Let's turn this question around. Would you ever consider dating someone with braces? If not, why not? If so, then why would you think that someone wouldn't date you while you were in braces?

P.S. I'm well out of the dating pool, but my husband of 30 years didn't leave me when I got my braces, so I guess I can say that it didn't affect my love life.

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#3 Post by Jenny5 »

If someone wouldn't want to date you because you have some metal on your teeth and are doing something good for yourself, then you have to wonder if that's a person worth dating, right? I don't see how braces would or should make any difference. As for me, my husband could care less and is proud of me for doing something I've been wanting to do my whole life.


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#4 Post by zero »

the only thing that changed was when I first got braced my boyfriend was a little scared to kiss me..he was worried he was going to cut himself or hurt me..once I convinced him I don't have knifes in my mouth we've been fine :lol:

I would think dating someone in braces would be a good thing, because you know that person cares enough about themselves to want to look better no matter how painful/annoying it is..

But than again things are different in high school ppl will find any excuse not to date someone there..but out in the real world I still get guys hitting on me (before I tell them I'm taken hehe) i doubt they even notice I have braces

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#5 Post by Spanner »

If anyone didn't want to date me just because I had braces I'd be glad of the lucky escape.

My braces have made no difference to my love life whatsoever. I have a long term partner so I'm spoken for but if I wasn't I'm 100% sure I'd still manage to find a partner...just not one who was hung up on looks.

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#6 Post by Becca »

Hey! I thought that at first, too. But I had several people actually tell me that my braces didn't even matter. One guy even told me they were cute! That was kinda weird, I thought, lol. But I recently went on a first date with a guy and the braces were NEVER an issue. In fact, he even told me several times how beautiful he thought I was. So I really don't think braces are an issue when it comes to dating. And if someone does have a problem with them, I agree that would be someone I wouldn't give a second thought, too. Now, I have had to overcome my fear of kissing..heh. It takes getting used to with braces. 8)

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#7 Post by SDFD TSchott »

Lets see my last relationship I had was 5 years ago... I haven't had a relationship since the last girlfriend and I doubt I will have one in the long future... why can't I get a g/f who knows!


PS: I thought girls were attracted to a man in uniform :D FireFighter


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#8 Post by SnowSara »

I'm happily taken but I got hit on a LOT with braces, lots of guys think they're cute and/or don't care. A male friend of mine was actually kind of bummed when I got my braces off, I think he liked to see them!

But that's not to say there aren't men out there that have a negative mindset towards braces. You wouldn't want to date them anyway. He really shouldn't care that much, if anything. Plus, he's got it all backwards. A woman with braces is doing something to better herself and will one day have a beautiful smile, who wouldn't want that?

For me, it was my boyfriend that encouraged me to take the plunge in the first place and he was nothing but supportive the whole way through. The day I got my braces off I do believe I made him blush!

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#9 Post by SnowSara »

I have to say though, obviously I can see through your post YOU have a negative mindset towards braces... don't know what to tell you there, it's really just a small part of your life in the big scheme of things and nothing to get upset about. If you feel negative towards your braces then people who meet you are bound to feel the same way. Feel better, you are beautiful with and without braces, hang in there!

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#10 Post by purpleteeth »

The "cute" comments drive me insane, but if someone is going to be THAT shallow and not want to date me because I am taking care of myself --- then they can go find someone else.

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#11 Post by BenB »

I've been with my girlfriend for 8 years and she was the one who encouraged me to get the braces in the first place! I was too much of a wimp!

Why would they care anyway? On average most people only have them on for 18 months which is such a small amount of time in the scheme of things, I wouldn't worry about it :)

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#12 Post by migueljs16 »

My youger brother is probably the most handsome man I have come across to in my intire life.
He had them for 2 years, he got pretty much most girls he wanted but once he got them off cut his hair and got tanned I swear he looked like a diferent person and pretty much became the guy EVERYONE hated or loved.

Is probably diferent for people in a relation but in his case a 16 year old and having his braces off a week before his final year in high school was something big.... to think I'm a senior and I'm hearing the schools news that my brother looks completely new.
How the hell was that news? lol

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#13 Post by BoSox2008 »

I was in a 2 year relationship when I decided to get my braces on, and my boyfriend was not over the top supportive, but he didn't view the braces as a "big deal" so he wasn't sure why I was even questioning not getting them. He was very matter of fact about it.

I remember he said to me - "If you broke your arm, I wouldn't care that you needed to wear a cast. Why are braces any different? They're only temporary."

Needless to say, we are still together! I don't think braces affect existing relationships, and the only reason they MIGHT affect forming new relationships is because the person with braces may be self consious about the braces and may not show the same confidence they would otherwise! However, MOST people I have met do not care about braces at all. In fact, a couple months after I got them on (I hated them) I went to a bar with girlfriends and decided that I should be confident - I had several guys hit on me out of nowhere!! Of course, I didn't follow through, but it was nice to know that even with braces we've still "got it"

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#14 Post by Bekah »

BoSox2008 wrote: "If you broke your arm, I wouldn't care that you needed to wear a cast. Why are braces any different? They're only temporary."
What a great way to say it!!!

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#15 Post by gwynneth23 »

I agree! I think maybe if you are self-conscious about your braces, you probably won't smile as much, which might have an effect. If you look miserable, self-conscious or shy, it probably won't help your chances of attracting someone's attention! But that's not because of the brace - it's because of how you FEEL about the brace.

I'm in my 30s and I had just met a new boyfriend at the time I was getting braces. The first time we met, I had all my teeth. The second time, I turned up with two gaps from my extractions! During our the third meeting - I had to ask him to change his plans and take me to an emergency dentist (on a Sunday) because I was in pain from an infection in one of the extraction gaps.

By the time I saw him for our fourth date, I had my brace fitted!

He was fine about it and said it didn't make any difference to how he felt about me.

So the message is - get out there, keep smiling widely, look happy and confident :D