Wisdom teeth Surgery March 6th!

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Wisdom teeth Surgery March 6th!

#1 Post by SideKick3QT »

I'm soo scared because my teeth are impacted pretty bad. Are there any prior precautions I need to take before getting them out? :shock:

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#2 Post by jennielee81 »

Nothing pre-removal that I found necessary. Follow the post op instructions very carefully!!

I had 1 impacted and 1 erupted when I had 2 removed a few years ago. It was SO QUICK!!! I had IV sedation and it was really quite easy. Recovery was fast and painless. I didn't get bruising or swelling.

I wish you a similar experience! :thumbsup:

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#3 Post by Lisa65 »

Are you having a GA? I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed under GA about 20 years ago. From what I remember I felt pretty zonked for the rest of that day and just went home and slept. I took ibuprofen every 4 hours as directed. The next day I didn't feel too bad, but I was on a semi-liquid diet for about 4 days because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to get solid food in and no way was I upto chewing. My face looked a bit swollen for a few days. The stitches came out on their own within a week. Within a week I was 100% back to normal.

I don't remember any special precautions. I think they told me to rinse my mouth out with salt water a couple of times a day. I couldn't brush my teeth for a few days because of the swelling stopping me opening my mouth to get a toothbrush in, so I just swished toothpaste round my mouth and hoped it would freshen my breath up a bit :lol:

Having impacted wisdom teeth removed isn't a pleasant experience, but it actually wasn't as bad as I'd feared it would be.

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#4 Post by wirerose »

I had mine out last April. I drank Ensure in place of meals for the first two days or so. This way I didn't have to chew anything. Also, be careful to follow all the instructions they give you. It helps to have someone to take care of you and be sure that the instructions are followed. Give yourself a few days to recover if you are getting knocked out. It took me a few days to really wake up. I was tired every minute of the first few days. Don't drink from a straw or suck on things.


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#5 Post by KianaFran »

There really is nothing you can do prior to having them pulled except making sure you have scheduled off enough time from work because you won't be able to talk and you probably be in a lot of pain. I was given vicodin for my pain.

I had my Wisdom teeth out September 6, 2007. I had all four removed. They were all impacted and one was twisted. I know some have had a decent experience or better than expected, but mine was nothing like that. I had a great oral surgeon. He was on Extreme Makeover. But I want to tell you the ugly side of the extraction so that you will know what can happen.

I had GA but I woke up around the end of the procedure before he could get tha last tooth out. I pulled out my I.V. and the last tooth was pulled and the holes sewed up while I was awake. Even though I didn't feel anything, it waws pretty traumatic. Once it was over, and I went home my husband cared for me. I HIGHLY recommend getting a Frosty or ice cream or somthing after its over because it will soothe your mouth and fill your stomache enough to take your medicine. Even though I followed the home care intructions very carefully, I still developed dry socket in two of the holes and that made it unbearable for any kind of air to hit it. Therefore, it took much longer to heal.

As stated above, mashed potatoes, applesauce and anything soft is great. I personally wasn't able to eat much solid food for about 2 weeks. Protein shakes with slimfast, yogurt and soymilk were my stable breakfast and they were very filling.

I don't want to scare you but I just want to let you know. Your experience will probably be nothing like mine and probably better but I don't think its right to sugar coat it.

Hope this helps in any way.


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